Conversation # 187: What I Wore Wednesday (for the last few weeks)

Here is a back log of outfits for your viewing pleasure, or if not, just skip this post :)

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Outfit breakdown (was a bit sickly so that is the weird face):
Sweater dress, Lands End Canvas, $35
Sweater, Christmas gift (years ago)
Leather Boots, Talbots, $12ish plus shipping

 Outfit breakdown:
Sweater, gap, $10
Skirt, Target via eBay, $10ish?
Leather Boots, 6pm.com, $50

This outfit was really just to show my new winter coat that I LOVE!
Coldwater Creek, $109

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress, J.Crew, $20ish
T-shirt, Lands End Canvas, $?
Leather & Canvas boots, Eddie Bauer, $65

Outfit breakdown:
Tee, J.Crew Factory, $6
White button down, J.Jill, $15ish
Black jeans, Talbots, $20ish
Leather flats, Eddie Bauer, $?

Outfit breakdown:
Dress, Lands End Canvas, $35
Leather Boots, Banana Republic via Ross, $40 (years ago)

Outfit breakdown: (awful pic but I like my outfit):
Black tee, J.Crew, $8
Skirt, Ann Taylor LOFT, bday gift
Black leather boots, 6pm.com, $50 (still can't remember the brand)

Outfit breakdown:
Sweater, Lands End Canvas, $12ish?
Skirt, Pilcro via Anthropologie, bday gift
Leather boots, Christmas gift from years ago

Outfit breakdown:
Jean Jacket, Gap, years ago $?
Black dress, Lands End Canvas, $55
Necklace, NY&Co, bday gift card
Black leather boots, Target, Christmas gift two years ago

Outfit breakdown:
Same Gap Jean Jacket as above
Sweater dress, Old Navy, $8
Black leather boots, 6pm.com, $50

Outfit breakdown:
Wrap sweater, JCPenney, $15
White tee, Lands End, $4
Khaki cords, Lands End, $20ish?
Leather & Canvas Boots, Eddie Bauer, $65

Outfit breakdown:
Blue wrap jacket, Ann Taylor LOFT, Thrifted, $10
Striped dress, Lands End Canvas, $35?
Leather boots, Christmas gift years ago

Looking back at these outfits, I realized that most of them are skirts/dresses.  I have been wearing pants, but not feeling good in them so I guess I didn't take any pics of those days.  Also, sorry I can't remember all of the prices.  I have either had it for too long or have slept too much since buying it too remember.  Needless to say, we all know I bargain shop so it isn't too much either way.  Hope you enjoyed my frugal outfits! What have you been wearing?

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Gail said...

Always lookin good my friend! I like wearing dresses too, but it's not super convenient when I'm home with the boys. ;) Thanks for the outfit inspiration!