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Conversation #167: A place to call home...almost

So I started off not writing because the whole buying a house thing almost broke me.  I admit, stress turns me into the Hulk.  I like change, but the actual changing process freaks me out.  This is the only reason we haven't started trying for a baby; my hubby new that me+house selling/moving+baby=CRAZY!!!!!!  Let's be honest, me+house selling/moving=STRESS BALL OF EMOTIONS and the baby would have probably gotten me committed.  I joke that at least I would have had a place to sleep!

Anyway, the hubby and I prayed that we would see God in this, know it was His plan, and I kept praying to learn how to give up control.  This started back with the PE exam, but I knew I hadn't conquered it yet.  The last few weeks were full of "God, I totally trust you, I know you are in this so all is okay" AND "GOD!  What are you doing to me?  I can't take this one more minute!  I'm going crazy!"  I knew He was just putting things in the way so we would know beyond…