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Conversation #23: Summer Fun Song of the Week

This week is “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz.  Tell me you don’t want to throw your hands up in the air?!  Enjoy!

Conversation #22b: Fashion help!

So we talked about fall weddings a couple of days ago - can a brighter jewel tone work in fall?  I bought this dress on clearance at Target for $13 a couple of days ago:

So y'all made me feel pretty good about wearing a sleeveless option and using a pashmina or a cardigan.  I actually have a pretty cute black dress cardigan so here is what I was thinking:  Can I wear this dress in October with black tights and black suede pumps and pull it off?  I think it could be cute, but I need your input.  If not, I might return it (or for $13 I might just keep it because I'm thinking I can wear it to a wedding this Saturday also!)  I realize that this wedding isn't until October, but my MIL was talking about a dress for her so it put it in my mind. Honestly, I'm afraid if I don't start looking now I may forget and then be in real panic mode!  Anyway, thoughts???

Conversation #22: Thursday Thought

Do miracles still happen?  More specifically, do they still happen in the U.S.?  I recently had a friend that traveled to India on a mission trip.  When she spoke about her experience, she mentioned seeing people possessed by demons and everyone gathering around to pray until they left.  She also talked about how they prayed for a girls foot to be healed, and it was right before their eyes.Normally I would write off stories like this as being fake or embellished, but this isn’t that kind of friend.  She is down-to-earth and rational, but she is a servant of the Lord.  She has faith that I wish I had all the time.  I mean, she wasn’t hitting people in the forehead and casting out demons.  They used the power of prayer, and it made stop and think.Do we just miss miracles in our comfortable lives?  Do we try to explain everything away with Science?  I don’t know the exact answer, but here is what I think; I think that modern science and medicine IS a miracle.  One of my best friends gave…

Conversation #21: Slips – Do people still wear them?

(Picture from here.)I’ll admit it.  I do.  Maybe that is the conservative, old-fashioned woman in me, but I think they are a staple to a wardrobe.  I mean I hope everyone lady wears one if her dress her skirt tends to be more sheer, but I wear one pretty much anytime I wear a dress or skirt.  I feel like it just completes my outfit.  I feel secure and like everything is laying more smoothly.  But am I the only one?  Do any of you ladies out there still sport the slip?

Conversation #20: Fall Weddings

So I’m just going to say it.  I sort of don’t love fall or winter weddings.  I NEVER know what to wear.  You need to wear darker, richer colors because of the season, but yet a long sleeved formal dress seams a) weird and b) hard to find.  I know you could do a sleeveless and pair it with a jacket or cardigan.Right now, I’m leaning towards trying to find a sleeveless jewel tone dress (ruby, deep purple, emerald, or navy) to pair with a dressy cardigan.  I’m really exciting, huh?  However, I haven’t found a ton in my price range.  I mean remember Frugal Fridays?  I’m not a big spender here, and I hate having to buy something I won’t be able to wear that often.I’m super excited for this wedding.  It is for my husband’s cousin, and I love him and his bride-to-be.  Hubby is in the wedding party so his outfit is pretty easy.  I want to look nice and seasonal, but I need some help.  PLEASE, all of my fashionable readers (which is like all of you), give me some recommendations or ideas on dr…

Conversation #19: A blast from the past – Monday Movie Review

Ever since the hubby and I ended our blockbuster subscription, we have really not watched too many movies.  Honestly, he has been so busy that we just haven’t had the time.  However, my amazing in-laws have been entertaining me during this bar exam review time, and we went to see the Sorcerer’s Apprentice on Saturday.  (Picture from here.)I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  It was exciting and thrilling, and in my opinion, I’m not sure I would take a really young child to it (maybe 10 and older…)  It kept my attention, and I don’t think that it drug on too long either.  Sometimes I think these epic type movies go on and on and on, but this ended at a nice time, and it had the most adorable bulldog in the cast, too! I definitely recommend it!(Picture from here.)We also recently watched The Paper Chase.  I guess this movie itself is kind of blast from the past – 1973 to be exact.  Our neighbor actually dropped it in our mailbox as a gift.  Have I mentioned that we have amazing neighbors?  …

Conversation #18: The Good Guys

I hope everyone is watching this show, but if not, now is your chance!(Picture and info here.)It airs on Fox at 9/8c every Monday night, and my husband and I find it highly entertaining.  It is actually filmed in Dallas, so I love watching it and seeing local landmarks.  I also find Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks to be a wonderfully matched duo between old ‘70s cop and young do-gooder detective.  Okay, let’s face it, I’m no professional critic and clearly not good at writing reviews.  I just thoroughly enjoy this summer series and want to spread the news!It is called a dramedy (at least that is how I’ve heard it described), and I would agree.  There is some action/suspense, but it is draped in satire and hyperbole (sort of think Starsky and Hutch; a parody of cop shows but slightly more serious and enjoyable).  Really, you should just watch it.  Tonight.  HURRY!  It will be on soon!!!

Conversation #17: Summer Fun Song of the Week

How about a little R&B/Hip-Hop for this week?The song this week: “Ridin’ Solo” by Jason Derulo

Conversation #16: Thursday Thought

I have to preface this quote/thought for Thursday:
One of my coworkers (a fellow conservative) was talking to me about the recent Rolling Stone article on General McChrystal.  I made the comment that it seemed weird to me that Rolling Stone published a political article.  I’ll be honest, I had never read one before.My coworker’s response: “It’s like Playboy, you know, how they have real articles in there too.”I didn’t really have a response to that…

Conversation #15: So long Martin & Osa

So admittedly, I have never purchased anything from the ill-fated Martin & Osa.  Not because I haven’t found a few things to adore, but because I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the prices.  However, with 50% off their website, I have definitely been finding items to oogle over.  However, when I finally decide to maybe buy, my size runs out.  It is okay because I shouldn’t be buying anything these days anyway.  I have shopped a lot lately, and with the hubby technically unemployed (at least with a real law job), I should probably not go crazy these days.  To break up these boring paragraphs, here is some eye candy from their online sale:Plus, I hate paying for shipping, and I’m just not buying $100 worth of items right now.  Side note,  has anyone been to a store lately (Freck by chance?) because I was wondering what percentage they are offering off there right now.  It was only 30% last week when I checked.  Anyway, back to the story, while looking for promo codes though (a gir…

Conversation #14: Summer Fun Song of the Week

I didn’t mean for it to be a WHOLE week since I last posted.  I left for my hometown after work last Friday to spend the weekend with my parents while the hubby stayed home and studied, and now it is a week later!Well, since I’m sure y’all are off to have wonderful weeks and don’t want to take time to read my crazy thoughts, we’ll stick with the summer song of the week.This week is……” Eh Eh” by Lady GagaThis is my FAVORITE Lady Gaga song yet.  It is different for her, but I love it.  I even like the video (I don’t get the Alejandro one to be honest), and think she looks so girly in it!  I hope you enjoy.

Conversation #13: Summer Fun Song of the Week

I hope y’all remember this song, it is one of my most favorite cheesy summer songs ever!!!  It isn’t a super oldie, but it takes me back to my high school days.  Enjoy :)Summer Girls by LFO