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Conversation #53: The year comes to an end…

This is going to seem so lame, but I’m sitting on the couch watching Rick Springfield sing “Jesse’s Girl” (LOVE it) while finally getting around to typing up my last blog post for the year.  I put it off all day!I was actually at a beautiful wedding earlier with my hubby, but we left a little early because I was again suffering from a sinus headache/migraine (not sure which).  Anyway, I’m feeling a bit better now and I wanted to get in my last blog post of the year real quick.  I’m in CST so it is only 11 PM here even though the ball is about to drop in NYC.  This has been a good year for me.  Blogging has been weird for me this year.  I quit for a while.  I got a new look.  Then I ran out of things to say (shocking I know).  Finally, I have a list of things to write about and I can’t seem to find the time and energy to just sit down and right them!  Maybe this next year.I have also grown a lot internally, and I feel so blessed for the life God has given me.  It has been a long road a…

Conversation #52: The Sing-Off is BACK!

I realize most of you may not be near as excited as I am, but having grown up in the Church of Christ, surrounded by acapella music, a music competition that features it just completely wins over my heart.  You can’t fake it when there are no instruments to cover it up!I loved some of the competitors last year, but this year is really bringing the talent.  They are all so amazing.  Here are just a few of my faves so far:(P.S. It is on Mondays and Wednesdays on NBC if you want to check it out)This is my season favorite so far – it is AWESOME: I also really enjoyed this one: A super talented group with a jazzy feel, but their harmonies are amazing: Only my favorite song of the year I think: And finally, The Backbeats – they are pretty great too! You should really check out the show – I just can’t wait for the new episodes each week.  It is seriously that good (in my opinion anyway).