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Conversation #192: Can you guess?

I am so so so sorry I told you I would have a surprise for you on Monday and didn't follow through.  It isn't because I didn't want to.  My job has been CRAZY for the last few months, and right now it goes up and down with plan submittals and revisions.  Therefore pretend today is Monday.  Although I am glad it isn't because I really would like to be enjoying the weekend!

So I wanted to share my Easter outfit with you just for fun.  I know there was a link-up for it on a lot of blogs, but clearly I missed that!

So it was pretty simple, but I am loving mixing my jean jacket into outfits right now.  However, I know the heat is coming so I actually ordered a jean jacket vest to throw over dresses in the summer for a little warmth in the A/C and also to add some layers without adding a lot of bulk.  It was actually pretty nice on Easter (I totally wore my outfit again to work on Monday - I like to wear Sunday church outfits on Monday - it is an easy way to not think much o…