It’s a GOLDEN day!

Today has finally arrived – my golden birthday!  I turn 26 on the 26th, and sadly I have been excited for this for quite some time.  I still love birthdays even though I’m now closer to 30 than 20.

Sometimes it seems kind of weird to be getting older because I’m not sure I actually feel older, but I have seen my self continue to grow and mature.  Frankly, I like that because it means I’m getting better at life (I hope anyway!)

I had a wonderful weekend with my parents this past weekend, and my husband has already been so amazing.  We are going out for a simple dinner tomorrow because I didn’t want to miss Bible study tonight. 

Some highlights from this last year:

An awesome trip to Barrett-Jackson with my hubby (technically it was for my last birthday)

Seeing the hubby graduate law school

Getting connected to a great church home and growing more in my faith (more on that to come)

Getting my first passport and going to the Dominican Republic

Celebrating Christmas with my wonderful family

Going on a “safari” with my parents and hubby last weekend (I’ll post about that too)

It has been quite a year, and I look forward to the next one.  It should be a full one as I prepare to take my PE exam, watch my husband’s practice grow, and prepare to start thinking about children (well that last one will probably happen after the 27th birthday).

For your viewing pleasure, some pictures from the past:

hpqscan001j hpqscan0037 hpqscan0043 hpqscan0045





So there is kind of gap between first grade and college, but I don’t have a scanner and digital cameras didn’t exist back then!  My sis scanned the baby pictures for a project a while ago.

Anyway, if any of you readers are celebrating a birthday today, Happy Birthday to you too!


Conversation #55: A Break from the Addiction

I think I might be addicted to online shopping.  I love getting a good deal so much that I just can’t ignore the sale emails, but I know that I don’t need anything these days.  I know better than to stop for the whole year, but I think I should at least be able to reign it in for a while.

This is kind of a resolution of mine, but I think I was afraid to talk about it the other day just in case I failed.  However, I need the accountability.  The only shopping I’m allowing this month is to use a gift card from Christmas.  Other than that, I’m putting myself on an online shopping hiatus for the month.

Another goal I hope to come out of this hiatus is a renewed passion for sewing.  I’m so afraid of failing and not doing a good job that I let myself stop my resurgence in sewing.  No more – I have patterns and even fabric that I need to put to use!  I promise to share my creations no matter how badly they turn out.

Well, now I’m off to enjoy a date night with the hubby! 


Conversation #54: New Year, New You

I guess this is the obligatory resolution post, but I actually wanted to do it.  I woke up feeling great for the first time in weeks.  I have been battling allergies and headaches lately, and finally I woke up feeling rested and ready for the day.  I take that as a blessing and gift from God.  I prayed that I would get a good night sleep, and He provided!

I will do a Christmas recap soon once I get some pics downloaded and some from my sis.  It was a much needed break from work, and I just can’t ever get enough time with family and old friends.  Okay, onto the LIST.

1.  Quiet time with God – I struggle with this always, but I really want to grow in my faith this year.  I’m looking forward to starting a new women’s bible study, and I also hope to read So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore.

2.  Health – I started making good changes last year, but I really want to hit it home this year.  I have always had good goals to work for (trips, weddings, etc), but now I want to keep on the healthy track without a set goal other than to feel better and healthier.  I have struggled with headaches, neck tension and pains, and stomach stuff lately.  I really feel that if I get back to eating better now that the holidays are over and exercise that I will feel a million times better.

3.  Relationships – I found out some things about myself this year during different times of reflection.  I’m critical, selfish, and proud (to name a few).  I really want to give of myself more, especially to family and friends.  I want to put others first, especially my husband.  I want to quit being critical of others because I’m insecure in myself.  I want to be humble and realize I’m not always right.  I want to invest in relationships and be more proactive in building them.

4.  Hobbies – I think I’m lazy these days.  I have so many fun projects waiting on me, but I tend to watch too much TV and give into the tiredness every night.  I want to watch less, read more, and start tackling new sewing challenges without worrying about failing.

5. Organized – I love being organized, but I have a problem putting things away after I set up the organization.  I want to start de-piling my house so that things are neat.  I know it won’t always look like the cover of Better Homes & Gardens, but I can at least have it picked up.

These are the goals for this year.  I know some of these things may need to change once kids come into the picture, but I think that will still be a couple of years away so for now I want to work on where I am.  I hope y’all are looking forward to the new year and I pray that it be a great one for everyone.

Happy 2011!