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It’s a GOLDEN day!

Today has finally arrived – my golden birthday!  I turn 26 on the 26th, and sadly I have been excited for this for quite some time.  I still love birthdays even though I’m now closer to 30 than 20.Sometimes it seems kind of weird to be getting older because I’m not sure I actually feel older, but I have seen my self continue to grow and mature.  Frankly, I like that because it means I’m getting better at life (I hope anyway!)I had a wonderful weekend with my parents this past weekend, and my husband has already been so amazing.  We are going out for a simple dinner tomorrow because I didn’t want to miss Bible study tonight.  Some highlights from this last year:An awesome trip to Barrett-Jackson with my hubby (technically it was for my last birthday)Seeing the hubby graduate law schoolGetting connected to a great church home and growing more in my faith (more on that to come)Getting my first passport and going to the Dominican RepublicCelebrating Christmas with my wonderful familyGoing…

Conversation #55: A Break from the Addiction

I think I might be addicted to online shopping.  I love getting a good deal so much that I just can’t ignore the sale emails, but I know that I don’t need anything these days.  I know better than to stop for the whole year, but I think I should at least be able to reign it in for a while.This is kind of a resolution of mine, but I think I was afraid to talk about it the other day just in case I failed.  However, I need the accountability.  The only shopping I’m allowing this month is to use a gift card from Christmas.  Other than that, I’m putting myself on an online shopping hiatus for the month.Another goal I hope to come out of this hiatus is a renewed passion for sewing.  I’m so afraid of failing and not doing a good job that I let myself stop my resurgence in sewing.  No more – I have patterns and even fabric that I need to put to use!  I promise to share my creations no matter how badly they turn out.Well, now I’m off to enjoy a date night with the hubby!

Conversation #54: New Year, New You

I guess this is the obligatory resolution post, but I actually wanted to do it.  I woke up feeling great for the first time in weeks.  I have been battling allergies and headaches lately, and finally I woke up feeling rested and ready for the day.  I take that as a blessing and gift from God.  I prayed that I would get a good night sleep, and He provided!I will do a Christmas recap soon once I get some pics downloaded and some from my sis.  It was a much needed break from work, and I just can’t ever get enough time with family and old friends.  Okay, onto the LIST.1.  Quiet time with God – I struggle with this always, but I really want to grow in my faith this year.  I’m looking forward to starting a new women’s bible study, and I also hope to read So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore.2.  Health – I started making good changes last year, but I really want to hit it home this year.  I have always had good goals to work for (trips, weddings, etc), but now I want to keep on the healthy track…