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Conversation #140: My life is not my own

I am honestly not sure if this is the right conversation # because I am posting from my phone, but that is what it said.  Anyway, this is short and sweet. My life belongs to the PE exam (professional engineer) until after April 13th.  I am literally trying to study with most every free minute I have. I have to pass this exam to move up in my field, and civil engineering is so broad that this exam covers a lot of material I haven't used since college 4 years ago. Transportation and Traffic engineering just doesn't have me sizing too many retention ponds or designing many skyscrapers. About 50% of the exam will be over my field and the rest I have to pull out of the recesses of my mind.Hopefully I'll be able to post some, but if not, please know I will be back soon! I think our life will get much more exciting after this exam too.  I am trying to rest in God and His faithfulness for me to pass because He has brought me thus far, but I need to use the gifts He gave me and stu…

Conversation #139: I'm afraid! (It is the final day of the winter fashion challenge)

We made it through another challenge!  Like I mentioned in the beginning, I find these so fun and helps me put together clothing I never would have on my own.  Anyway, today the challenge was to do something you're afraid of when it comes to fashion.  Honestly, there are probably a lot of things I'm afraid of, but for some reason the first thing that jumped to mind was mixing brown and black.  I have long been an advocate that says you pick one or the other to incorporate into an outfit, but not both.  However, I saw a picture in the latest L.L. Bean Signature catalog that is similar to my outfit today and I liked it so I decided to try it. 

I still say that there are certain browns and blacks you shouldn't mix.  I'm not sure I would mix a darker brown than I used today with black, and I will always opposed navy blue and black together.  That is just a matter of principle!  However, I realized that I actually really like cognacs and milder browns next to black so toda…

Conversation #138: Open to Interpretation (I love these!)

As part of Kayla's fashion challenge, she hosted another group Open to Interpretation.  I'm not sure why I find these to be so much fun, but I guess I just love to see all of the ways people fashioned the look for them.  Here is the inspiration from one Kayla via J.Crew (only one of my fave places):
 Now some lovely ladies interpreted the color, others the style and some both!  I really love this classic look.  I also realized while looking for my outfit that I only own two pencil skirts, navy and black, and that is sad because I love them (therefore I am going to pull out my sewing pattern for them and make some in colors!)  I also realized that I own a ton of cardigans and turtleneck sweaters, but very few crew necks.  Anyway, as you'll see below, I went with the shape for my inspiration and tried to throw in a bright color with my necklace (which I don't think my husband liked, but I don't often take fashion advice from him anyway).

Outift breakdown: Sweater, J.Cre…

Conversation #138: How to wear a coat when it is 70 degrees outside...

Don't.  Today's challenge was "dress up a coat," but I couldn't put a coat on this morning - it was just too warm and spring like.  So instead, I decided to take a more casual, edgy jacket and dress it up for work.  I love this jacket and hadn't actually worn it out yet so I was glad to have an excuse to.  I even had meetings today so people other than my non-fashion coworkers got to see my clothes (although my lunch meeting wasn't really full of fashion forward people, it was with two guy friend engineers that were giving me pointers for studying for the PE exam).  Anyhow, here is my dressy jacket/coat:

Outfit breakdown: Jacket, Gap, $20 Tee, Lands' End via Sears, $2 Black crepe pants, Talbots, $20 Broach, my grandma's Black leather booties, JCPenney, $24
Nothing flashy, but I think I made it a little dressier.  I did have to remove said jacket more than once today due to the warmer weather.  Now go see the other cute, dressy coats here.

Conversation #137: A conversation with God

Do you ever talk to God?  I talk to God a lot, although I should talk to Him more.  I have always been a conversationalist, hence the name of this blog.  Quite a few years back, I realized that I do the same with God, and I like it.  I like to talk to my Father like He is just sitting next to me.  It isn't because I don't revere Him, but rather I just like to talk to God whenever the feeling hits.  I sort of like to keep a running conversation going, but I have noticed that the older I get the less often I talk to Him during that day as I did when I was younger.  I'm trying to work on that though, because it isn't it pretty awesome that I can talk to my Father, best friend, sustainer, comforter, protector anytime I want?  Yeah, I think it is pretty awesome.