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Conversation #104: Menswear

Good thing I recently bought a great menswear vest at H&M last week because otherwise I don't know what I would have worn!  I have blazers, trousers and such, but it is just too hot to wear that stuff right now.  I also had a meeting with a police officer out at a school to observe traffic, and I just couldn't stand outside in the heat in multiple layers.  Actually, the vest was still pretty hot, but luckily it covered up the beautiful sweat soaking through my tee underneath.  Seriously, can fall please get here sooner?! (Well not until after Sunday because we have a date with the water park).

I must apologize for the picture too.  I didn't have time to run to the bathroom at work yesterday so I took these in my bathroom mirror at home (and it isn't full length and the lighting is even worse than work!)

Outfit breakdown Vest: H&M, $24.50 Tee: Lands' End, $3 Skirt: Lands' End Canvas, $25 Necklace: American Eagle Outfitters Watch: Anne Klein via ebay, $30
I was…

Conversation #103: Copycat (and something new with your hair)

Okay, I think I am back on track now for this last week of challenges.  I actually like the challenges because it really helps me get dressed each day versus limiting me.  It is sort of like having a uniform, but a fun one.  Anyway, I did combine yesterday and today into one.  I know, but I figured this has to work for me not stress me out, so this is how it worked.  I didn't really do anything exciting yesterday either.  We didn't make church in the morning, and I cleaned all day.  I did get dressed for our small group last night, but it was pretty casual and not exciting.

Without further ado, here is my inspiration photo for the copycat outfit:
I'm so cool that I had to scan my inspiration photo!  I keep meaning to join Pinterest (I have invites) but I keep forgetting to when I'm at home.  I guess you have to sign up through facebook and my work computer won't let me.  Probably for the best!  Anyway, this image came out of the September issue of Real Simple (I lov…

Conversation #102: Outfit challenge, Neutral with a Pop

This is a super lame one, but I didn't really get out on Saturday so this is what I wore for my neutral with a pop:

I was also wearing khaki colored leather sandals if that helps.  It was lame.  I was cleaning my house all weekend (like deep spring cleaning at the end of summer) so this is what you get.  Oh well!

Check out the good ones here.

Conversation #101: Jazz up your Jeans

So this is super late, but I got sick at work on Friday so I didn't feel like blogging on Friday and then the weekend got away from me.  Lucky for you I still made it to work, thought about my outfit, and got dressed!  I think it is too late to add to the official link back on Kayla's blog, but oh well.  For your viewing pleasure:
Outfit breakdown Shirt: Lands' End Canvas, $13 Jeans: Gap Outlet (years ago), $20 Belt: American Eagle Outfitters, $8 Shoes: Eddie Bauer, $40 (a splurge for me, but I had been stalking since they were $99) Watch: Michele, gift
How do you like to wear your jeans?

Conversation #100: Should this be big? (& 21 Day Challenge - skirt or dress)

Well, I hate to disappoint, but I have nothing special planned for the 100th conversation.  It really doesn't correspond with anything because I did start the numbers when I re-started blogging, and it doesn't correspond with a number of days either.  Sorry I'm lame, but I'll try to work on that.  I always think of things I want to blog about, but then I forget.  I'm trying to put them in my phone so I can remember them at a later time.  I did go to our new H&M last night for the first time, and that was kind of cool.  I restrained myself and only bought a couple of small things, but I know I'll be back.  Does H&M have sales? 

Without further ado, I got behind on my challenge posting so you get two today!  Today's challenge was to wear a dress or skirt.  This really isn't hard for me.  I love dresses and skirts, and I have pretty much only worn that to work this summer because of the blasted heat.  However, today I had to go a little more forma…

Conversation #99: 21 Day Challenge - Closet Orphan

Yesterday the challenge on Kayla's blog was to wear something lurking in the deep recesses of your closet/dresser.  I was a little worried if I would find something season appropriate because I had just recently cleaned out my closet of most of the orphans (at least summer ones).  Since we are still rocking the 100's down here in Texas, I needed something work appropriate and heat appropriate.  I searched my closet and settled upon the perfect white eyelet sheath dress.  The only reason this dress has made it through many rounds of clean out is because my mom made it for me for my high school graduation 8 years ago.  I couldn't wear this dress 15 pounds ago, and since I recently lost those pounds I decided to give it a try.  And guess what?  It fit!  I did a happy dance and then decided to make my outfit:
Outfit breakdown: Dress: made by my mom, free (well for me, haha) Cardigan: Gap, $15 (I think, on sale) Necklace: American eagle, $5 Belt: Charlotte Russe, $8 Shoes: Lands'…

Conversation #98: The Little Things

So I actually plan on writing a great post soon about the best most fun wedding I ever attended (and was honored to be part of) a little over a week ago now.  However, I’m still downloading pics so I’m getting there.  In the meantime (and in between the sporadic challenge posts), here are just a couple of little things that have made this unbearably hot summer better:WATERMELON – I can’t get enough.  I might be pregnant (ok, totally not).  I think I’m eating so much watermelon that it is making me have to go to bathroom more often.  It woke me up three times last night so I cut myself off early last night.(Picture from here)Another lovely item: FLOWERS!  All of mine are pretty much close to dead with the heat and water restrictions (at least they are definitely not blooming).  So the hubby surprised me the other night with these beauties:They are just so bright and cheery I can’t help but smile!  What little things are getting you through the heat?  (If you are lucky enough to live in…

Conversation #97: Unofficial 21 Day Challenge Participant

I’m not really sure now how I found Kayla’s blog or this challenge, but I have been kind of doing it on my own the last few days.  I decided I would go ahead and post today and link up.  Check out Kayla and the challenge here. Today was monochromatic.  Usually when I do monochromatic, I go with black.  It is simple and safe.  However, it is way too hot down here to wear all black so I opted for white (had I thought this out sooner I would have tried to be brave and try a real color).  Anyway, you can’t really see from my picture, but my sandals are also white.  I tried to keep it all white, but I needed the belt to add a little pizzazz (plus, I work for a city that is not fashion forward so I had to look somewhat nice too).Shirt: Lands’ End, $5Skirt: JCPenney (from high school)Belt: Coldwater Creek, $10Necklace: Coldwater Creek, $10Shoes: Lands’ End Canvas, $13Watch: Anne Klein via ebay, $30Anyway, we’ll see what tomorrow brings!  The challenge is to rescue something from the deep rec…

Conversation #96: Summer Fun Song

I think this is the number I’m on, but honestly, I am too lazy to open blogger to check.  You see, I use Live Writer and blogger to post and I get too lazy to go back and forth to keep track of my numbers.  I guess that is why I shouldn’t do the numbers!
Anyway, I’m so bad at blogging these days, but I don’t want to give it up, I just need to find my mojo again in the right amount.  Until then I want to share another new favorite song I’m enjoying these days. 
So I’m not a normally a huge Lady Gaga fan to be honest.  I love some songs and some I don’t, and I don’t really her viewpoints.  However, I do love that she makes so many different types of songs, and her new one, “You and I”really gets my goat.  I think it sounds so country cross-over, but I LOVE it.  I totally thought it was Lady Antebellum the first time I heard it.
I just added the audio version because the video was weird when I pulled it up.  I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!