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Conversation #196: So long Google Reader...and random other thoughts

Nothing new - we all know Google Reader is about to be laid to rest, which I admit, makes me so sad.  It was easy and simple, and the app worked. I tried Feedly for a while and decided I didn't like (I mean I have used it for months now) so today I just decided to go ahead and jump on the Bloglovin train and I at least like the mobile app better.  However does anyone know how to get it to sort from oldest to newest?  Admittedly, I have spent 3.4 seconds on it, but I thought I would ask.  I'll look around more.  Anyway, follow me there these days :)

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Okay, so here are a few random thoughts from the week (I am too lazy to officially link up with anyone today so you just get a little brain dump instead):

1. I know you are all dying to see my latest pregnancy fashion concoctions, and I didn't have time to make it for WIWW this last week so here they are for you now (along with my 30 week picture which we hit today!)

Outfit breakdown: Dress, Old Navy…

Conversation #195: WIWW at The Pleated Poppy

So I haven't linked up for a while to What I Wore Wednesday, but I thought it might be fun to this week.  I don't have many pictures, and it sure is getting harder to get dressed in the morning between my burgeoning belly and the heat.  I fear I may be dressing inappropriately by the end of the summer, but my coworkers better just be glad I have clothes on at all!  Here are just two looks from this last week:

Outfit breakdown: Liz Lange Target Maternity Tee, $10 Old Navy skirt, borrowed Sandals, American Eagle, $? I think they may have been around $20 (they are old)
Outfit breakdown: Top, Motherhood Maternity, Borrowed Pants, Gap Maternity, $15 Sandals, J.Crew via ebay, $7 (I think)
Now go check out all of the outfits from the the other lovely ladies for this last week!

Conversation #194: A quick idea

So I have wanted a barrister’s bookcase for ages and we finally got offered one for FREE!  Of course I took it, but didn’t really know where to put it in our new house.  Well, the husband and I had a brilliant idea (I will give him some credit).  We put it in this little nook in our bedroom across from my dresser and I filled it with shoes – I LOVE IT! Don’t you kind of wish you had one too?  (The top part is a little secretary desk so I can hide books and bills and magazines in there)

Conversation #193: Life is on lightning speed!

Wow - I am so sorry! I did not plan on waiting 2 months to update y'all on life.  Really, I keep going back and forth on trying to keep a blog going or just throwing in the towel.  If I had more free time, I would be all over it, but I just feel like I have so much going on that I have to do that it is hard to find time do things I would like to do.  Between working full time, house projects, growing a human, and then the other things that come up in life, writing a post just falls way to the bottom.

Anyway, I did decide that today I wanted to take a few minutes to at least update about my pregnancy for my own sake if nothing else. Now I had every intention on taking a picture every week in the  same outfit for fun to watch my belly grow, but that has just been hard to do at home with the hubs.  Most times when I think about it I am too tired or in the middle of a project to take the time to stop and change.  However, we do still have some so I will post those whatever day I decid…