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Conversation #188: A Downton must see

ALERT: sort of spoilers if you still haven't watched season 3 Downton finale!!!

We all know Downton Abbey is the hot show these days.  It is funny because I actually consider myself having just been on the brink of it's major popularity explosion.  This doesn't happen often.  We do watch a lot of TV (probably too much) so we find a lot of new shows and share them with our family.  This was one of them, but we were actually informed about this show from another friend first (who also recommends great TV).  He told us about it after the first season ended so we caught it after the fact but before the second season started and we were hooked.  It was so hard to wait each week to watch the new episodes when we had been able to knock out the first season in a couple of days.  Like I said, we were hooked.

Anyway, this season was just so happy and sad all at the same time.  I kept trying to guess what the tragedy would be in the last episode.  Mary also dying in childbirth - nope…

Conversation # 187: What I Wore Wednesday (for the last few weeks)

Here is a back log of outfits for your viewing pleasure, or if not, just skip this post :)

Linking up with the Pleated Poppy today!

Outfit breakdown (was a bit sickly so that is the weird face): Sweater dress, Lands End Canvas, $35 Sweater, Christmas gift (years ago) Leather Boots, Talbots, $12ish plus shipping
 Outfit breakdown: Sweater, gap, $10 Skirt, Target via eBay, $10ish? Leather Boots,, $50

This outfit was really just to show my new winter coat that I LOVE! Coldwater Creek, $109
Outfit Breakdown: Dress, J.Crew, $20ish T-shirt, Lands End Canvas, $? Leather & Canvas boots, Eddie Bauer, $65
Outfit breakdown: Tee, J.Crew Factory, $6 White button down, J.Jill, $15ish Black jeans, Talbots, $20ish Leather flats, Eddie Bauer, $?
Outfit breakdown: Dress, Lands End Canvas, $35 Leather Boots, Banana Republic via Ross, $40 (years ago)
Outfit breakdown: (awful pic but I like my outfit): Black tee, J.Crew, $8 Skirt, Ann Taylor LOFT, bday gift Black leather boots,, $50 (st…

Conversation #186: Still alive!

So basically my life has been CARAZY the last few weeks.  We have a ton going on, and we have had lots of visitors over to the house on the weekends, which is great motivation to keep moving forward on projects!  We have finished the kitchen backsplash  installed almost all of the trim (needs to still be painted), finished the built-ins, finally made new curtains, painted and set-up the guest room, and lots of caulking (we still have more to do).

I keep thinking we are almost done, but then I walk around each room and realize, "oh, we still need to caulk that, paint that, clean that, unpack that, put up curtains (make curtains first), add closet doors, patch that, and seal that."  It seems a bit never-ending, but it is also nice when we can just stop and have a relax night like we did last night.

So I have about 12 outfits to share, but I decided to bombard you with those tomorrow.  I do still get dressed most days :) Instead, I decided I would share my thoughts on a couple …