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Conversation #156: A little spring spruce up

We have been working on a few projects around the house, and I am going to just share one little one today.  Our house is 57 years old and sometimes that means things were and will be old.  One of those "things" are the cabinets in our house.  I have cleaned and freshened up the kitchen cabinets quite a bit, but the poor bathroom cabinets didn't get much love when we moved in 5 years ago.  I did wipe them down, but they had years of paint and grime on them so I put down clear contact paper and went about my unpacking.  We did paint the outside of the cabinets when we got to bathroom updates, but those sad dark spaces behind the doors remained the same until last weekend!

I cleaned out all of the stuff we had accumulated over the last 5 years so I could throw away old stuff, organize, and really clean the cabinets:

They were gross, and I'm kind of embarrassed to show the befores.  However, I took out the contact paper, repainted the inside and put everything back with…

Conversation #155b: If you saw a weird password window pop up...

So I just realized what I needed to do to get this dumb thing from popping up everytime you would click on my blog to view it:

It was for the old Lands' End Canvas blog and I deleted them from my blog roll so you should no longer have that annoying window pop up!  Yipee!  You could always just hit cancel to get past it, but that is super annoying so sorry it took me so long to take care of that.  Hopefully you will enjoy a password free blog experience now :)

Covnersation #155: Fashion Frugal Friday

Okay, so today is the day I will share some outfits with you from the past week (or two since I missed last week).  I thought about not doing this anymore, and I'm not really sure anyone is dying to see my outfits, but I like doing this to keep me from looking like a slub at working and finding new ways to wear my clothes so I don't just want to run out and keep buying more that I don't need!  So, without further ado (oh, and when I put "ish", I can't honestly remember now how much it was, sorry!):

Outfit breakdown: Jacket, Sears, $9 Tank, Lands End, $7 Pants, Talbots, $13ish Shoes, Lands End Canvas, $15ish Yellow Leather Tote, Halogen from Nordstrom, $49
Outfit breakdown: Top, The Limited, $10 Navy pants, Gap, $12 Shoes, Lands End Canvas, $32
Outfit breakdown: Top, JCPenney, $7 Pants, H&M, $12 Sandals, Lands End Canvas, $13 Necklace, made by me
Outfit breakdown (inspired from Pinterest): Cardi, Lands End Canvas, $15 Tee, Lands End, $5 Pants, NY & Co, $20 Patent leather …

Conversation #154: I love butter!

Let's be a bit lighter today...what do you say?

Okay, I do love butter (but try to keep it to a minimum), but today I love Lip Butter by Revlon (this is not a sponsored post - this lil' ol' blog is purely full of my opinions!)

I have always struggled to find a lip color that I liked, stayed on somewhat well, and didn't dry out my already naturally parched lips.  I hate the feeling of gloss (like the look), and most lipsticks just made my lips hurt because they were so drying.  I saw an ad with the lovely Emma Stone for the new lip butter awhile back, and I bought some as soon as hit the shelves at my local drug store, and I am in LOVE!

I started wearing just chapstick everyday, but then one day I realized that my fair coloring continued into my lips and that I looked a little sickly without color on them.  Adding a little color just made my whole self feel better, but I dreaded it because of the reasons mentioned above.  Not anymore!  This stuff feels like chapstick to…

Conversation #153: This is a bad day

So I think I have realized I'm not really a daily blogger these days.  That may change in the future, but for now, it is what it is.  I have some light-hearted posts in the works, but today is just a real one.  I am struggling today, and I just need to get my thoughts out of my head.  I'm hoping that will end the pain and keep me from continually mulling over it all.

The wonderful, underlying cause to a lot of my sadness right now is that lovely time of the month.  I have always struggled with huge hormonal changes during my p-----, and some months are just worse than others.  This is one reason I'm terrified to have a child.  I worry that my hormones will be out of control and make me a horrible crazy person all of the time.  I dread that week of placebo pills every month.  Not only do my hormones get the best of me, but I also get migraines during that time.  I really am afraid of trying to get pregnant (but I'm hoping the surge of hormones once I am will balance me …