Conversation #63: Outfits of the Day

So I have started reading so many fashion blogs that I have been inspired to branch out in my clothing and try some new styles and pictures.  Below are a few of my recent tries, and I’m still working on the picture taking part of this with my point and shoot and timer.  I’ll get there.

I also got two new pairs of glasses.  I haven’t gotten a good picture of one pair yet, but the other is below.  I’ll point it out for you.

Without further adieu…

I had wanted a pair of winter shorts and finally found some I liked from The Limited.  Here is that outfit:


Cardigan: New York and Company, price:?

Shirt: Lands’ End, price: $2 on clearance at Sears

Shorts:  The Limited, price: $15 on sale

Here was my first attempt of an exciting OOTD shot.  I’m still working on it:

Here are the new glasses, too!

DSC04412 DSC04414 DSC04417

Cardigan: The Gap, price: $17, on sale and used a Groupon

T-Shirt: J. Crew, price: $10, on sale

Skirt: Lands’ End Canvas, $20 on sale

Boots: Sonoma, Kohls, a gift from 4 or 5 years ago

This was yesterday’s outfit:




Jacket: JCPenney, from a long time ago

Dress: Lands’ End Canvas, price: $23 on sale

Tights: Lands’ End, price: $6.50 on clearance from Sears

Shoes: Alfani, price: I think $23 on ebay

Necklace: Forever 21, years ago now

Sunglasses: Lands’ End, $12 on sale

Can y’all tell what my favorite store is?  I think I might need to branch out just a little!  

My picture companion, Jane the Bassett!



Conversation #62: When did I forget to number my convos...

I guess I just got distracted, but I sort of liked doing it to mark my time.

So this is a quick post right now, but I have some treats coming up.  I have started reading a lot of fashion blogs, and they have inspired me.  I'm not fashionista yet, but I'm trying to be more daring and having fun with outfits.  It does make me feel better during the day when I feel I look cute.  I'm also tempted to try the 30 for 30, but I think I need a little more practice first.

So onto the real meat of this quick post: I started the 30 Day Shred.  Honestly, I started it back in November, and was super dedicated until we got back from the Dominican Republic.  We got back on Tuesday night at 10 PM.  I had a hair appoint on Wednesday, my sister and brother-in-law came in on Friday, and then next Thursday was Thanksgiving.  After I hit holiday mode, exercising went by the wayside.  I started doing sporadically after the first of the year, but I just decided to hit it hard starting on February 7th.  I just moved up to level 2 yesterday, and I think I needed the change.  I love it, and I love starting my day that way, but seriously, my neck and shoulder muscles are so tight now.

I know a lot of you out there have done the shred - did you have this problem?  If so, how did you loosen up your muscles?  All of the shoulder and upper back work is killing me.  I do extra stretches at the end I learned from Pilates and have been using this massager thing I have, but there are still huge knots.  Will it just get better as I get more in shape?  Is there a good stretch y'all know?  Please help because I think all of the tightness can be a trigger for my headaches, too.

I'm hoping as I get stronger they'll work them self out.  If not, I guess I'll just have to tell the hubby I'll need a spa day!


On the way...

...to hopefully a headache free life.  I have suffered from migraines for a large portion of my life now, and I finally realized I had to do something about it.  I was having to take 3 ibuprofen and go to sleep to get rid of them, and even that didn't always work.  Things sort of came to a head when I had to miss my own birthday dinner with the hubby because I was in bed suffering.  I'm not even sure if I can explain what it is like if you don't get them.

Sometimes I think my hubby has a hard time understanding how painful and debilitating they can be.  He doesn't get migraines and his pain tolerance is something to be admired (I wish he could have a baby).  Actually, I have fought through many, too, because I if I stopped every time I got one, I would be in bed half of the time.  I started keeping a log of my headaches over the last couple of weeks and realized I was getting one every other day so I called my doctor. 

I just love my doc - she is great and spends as much time with you as you need.  We ruled out anything serious causing them since I have been getting them for at least 14 years (i.e. a tumor or something of that sort - my mind used to go there a lot until I realized it probably would have killed me by now.)  This will sound really sad and weird, but I usually fear going to the doctor because I'm afraid they will find something bad, and in my weird mind I think I would rather live not knowing.  Crazy, huh?  Anyway, she has started me on a preventive med  that will take a couple of weeks to kick in, but I'm hopeful that after that, my days of headaches are gone!  If this tells you how bad they are, I would rather not be leaving work early to go home and tend to a headache, and I don't even like work that much.

Here's hoping...

Yep, that's the most exciting thing I have to share right now.  Actually, I have some projects I'm working on around the house, and I can't wait to share them.  However, they aren't quite done yet!



Happy Valentine's Day, BF's!

Hubby and I did a Groupon Valentine's this year.  Call it cheap if you want, but we are frugal people so it works for us.  We had a Groupon for a local pizza place and movie theatre so we made a night of it.  We were planning to see The King's Speech, but that didn't work out so we saw Just Go With It.  I think it ended up being a happy surprise.  It was a fun romantic comedy with lots of laughs - hubby and I laughed the whole time.  In fact, we were both kind of tense at each other when the movie started because we were pressed for time, and this movie had us holding hands and laughing before it was over so it is a winner in my book!

Honestly, the hubby and I don't really do too much for Valentine's.  Most years we just cook dinner at home together, but we had these Groupons to use so it worked out.  Our first Valentine's together was special, but after that it seems like we should just have Valentine's everyday.  Our first Valentine's day together was 8 years ago.  I had been visiting a college with my mom over the weekend, and we were rushing back because Isaac was going to make me dinner.  His parents left us at their house (we were trustworthy) and we had dinner and exchanged gifts.  I gave him a Tombstone movie set and he gave me this pretty light gold heart bracelet.  It was so pretty but also a little delicate.  I used to wear it everyday, but I stopped because I didn't want it to break.  I wish I could wear it everyday!

I also remember my first Valentine's with a boyfriend.  His name was/is Brandon (I'm pretty sure he is still alive).  We were in fifth grade, and I thought I was in love...so young, so naive.  He gave me a single white rose and a card with a pop-up cupid in it.  He just signed his name, but I remember looking at it over and over. 

I guess my first valentine really was my dad though.  I remember one year in particular - I never really like chocolate, but I guess I vocalized it one year when I was still pretty young.  My dad felt awful because he hadn't gotten my sisters and I each our own box of chocolates.  Well my dad went out and got a me a little stuffed Dalmatian with a red bow on one of her ears, and I just loved it.  I think I might still have it tucked away in my memory box.  That is a memory that just makes me smile.

What are your Valentine's Day memories?  I hope y'all have someone to share it with whether a spouse, significant other or just good friends and family.  Who said this was only a day for couples?!


A recess negotiation

(Picture from: http://sylviagarza.wordpress.com/2010/04/30/do-you-remember-5/)
I have zero idea what made me think of tetherball the other day while driving to a meeting.  I make quick connections in my head from one topic to another, and they can be pretty weird sometimes.  I think I drove by kids on a playing on a playground at school and it made me think back to what I used to do.  I guess that wasn't really as big of a stretch as I thought.

Anyway, I wasn't really the girl who just sat on the bench with my friends talking, but I really wasn't the star athlete with the guys either.  I sort of always had a lot of different groups of friends so I floated between them and their activities.  Sometimes it was swinging, sometimes soccer until a ball hit perfectly off the goal post and right into my stomach - I caught it, but it really knocked the wind out of me.

Fifth grade was a banner year for me.  I loved my teacher, I had a lot of friends that I enjoyed, and I even "went out" with this boy I had had a crush on for years (we also "went out" in fourth grade too).  In fact, now that makes me think back to Valentine's Day that year since that is coming up.  I think I'll save that story for Valentine's Day actually.  Back to recess and fifth grade...

I think fifth grade was sort of the last year of complete innocence.  There weren't really "popular" and "unpopular" and your clothes and all didn't matter as much.  Sixth grade was a tough transition for me, and I quickly realized I was never going to be able to keep up with the Joneses.  Fifth grade was bliss though, and my game at recess: Tetherball.  I was good at it, and my early growth spurt only gave me an advantage.  I remember its popularity just exploding that year, and we would all wait in line to play at the multiple "courts" (what do you call that area?) 

I think there were four or five different poles, you lined up with whatever group you wanted to play in.  Now this is where the negotiation came in  - one rule remained the same, the winner stayed and started the next round, but the two teams had to agree on the basic set of rules.  Did you want to allow tornadoes?  Could you catch string?  Did you have separate sides with a line drawn in the sand or did you move around in tandem?

Thinking of this made me laugh and then kind of cock my head a little.  Isn't it funny the relative civility that us fifth graders had?  We stated our sides (what rules we each wanted to play with), then negotiated and comprised until we had agreed upon rules for our impending tetherball match.  Sometimes it makes me wonder what happened to us as grown-ups that made us lose that civility because sometimes it just seems like all you hear about is this side versus that side.  Just a thought...


The Post Office Blonde Moment

(Photo from: http://www.nauvoonews.com/nauvoo_photos.htm)

So I found a new satchel purse that I'm very excited about.  I got a better deal on this one than the other, and it is from one of my favorite purse companies, The Sak.  Here is a picture of it:
I decided that I needed to return a purse I bought from them a couple of weeks ago though to feel good about this purchase.  I bought it thinking I would love it, but I just couldn't make the shape fit for me.  I let it sit for a week or so, but it wasn't happening.  I was just going to keep it because the thought of returning it sounded like a hassle until this bag was revealed on their website, and it was waaaaay marked down for a week!  I decided I would just send the other one back, and so began the post office debacle.

I lost a little faith in the USPS this week - at least the local one near me.  I went on Monday night to pick up a priority mail box, and they were all out.  Plus, there were like 20+ people in line.  I decided I would try again on Tuesday.  So yesterday  I stopped in on my lunch break and still no luck and 20+ people in line.  Why are people mailing so much these days?  Is Valentine's Day a big mailing holiday?

Anyway, I decided to hit up a different post office and finally success - I got a box!  So I went home, ate lunch, packed up the purse and headed back to the first post office to ship.  Still 20+ people in line so I decide to  use the automated kiosk.  I wait for the guy in front of me to determine shipping for 6 packages, and then finally it is my turn.  I put the box on the scale, select everything I want, push buy AND...wait for it..the printer was broken for that size of label!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!  So I left.  At least I know how much it weighs now because I just printed off a label online from the USPS website and it was cheaper.

Now comes the blonde moment, I had to the get the package in the mail yesterday because that was the date on the label so I left work a few minutes early to run across the street and just drop off my postage-paid package.  Again, it was a zoo (I think 30+ in line this time).  I parked and as I was walking in this guy came in behind me with two big bins of mail.  The bins were marked with USPS on the side, and he had them on a dolly so I was holding the door for him.  I thought he had just picked up the mail from the outside drive-thru drop boxes so I asked him if I could just give him my package since it was paid for - he said okay. 

Then it hit me as I was walking back to my car - that poor guy was NOT a postal worker!  I started thinking about how he just had jeans and a shirt on, no uniform, and then I saw him walk back out and get in his car.  I felt like an idiot!!!  He was super nice, and I wasn't exactly sure where to drop the package anyway so it all worked out, but I think he was just dropping off mail from his office.  I'll probably never see him again, but he probably thinks I'm either an idiot or rude, but oh well.  It made me laugh at myself - haha!  I hate to admit it, but I still have blonde moments.


"Oh the weather outside is frightful..."

And I'm sitting at my desk working...oh wait, that doesn't rhyme.  Yep, I may be one of the few who has gone into work EVERYDAY this week.  After the 6"+ of snow we got over night, I was hesistant to drive my rear-wheel drive car this morning.  However, I decided I wanted to go in just to stick it to everyone and say that I did.  (I don't really know who the everyone is to be honest).

Since I grew up driving on snow and ice, it really doesn't bother me.  I haven't slid once this week (knock on wood), but I am always leery of those driving around me.  Today may have been the only day all week I would have gotten a snow day growing up.

This is what it looked like this morning when I left for work (and we have had more snowfall since):
Of course, Jane the Basset decided that she needed to do number "two" this morning so it took a bit longer than normal for her potty break before work.  It wasn't quite as deep as last year so her belly wasn't quite touching yet.  Well, it kind of was but she could hop through it.  Action shot on the palm phone:

Almost everyone in my family (including the husband) laughed at me when I got this cute knitted hood from Lands End Canvas for Christmas, but I knew it would come in handy.  It doesn't smoosh my curly hair but it keeps me warm!

Our heater started acting up on Tuesday afternoon when the hubby was home from work.  I'm so thankful he is handy because he figured out that it was just trying to run so much because it was so cold that it was overheating itself.  He cleaned it out and opened the little cabinet door so it could breathe, and I think it is working better than before!  It is kind of creepy in that closet, but I'm an engineering nerd and I think seeing how it works with the blue flames is pretty cool (the blue is about all you can see in this picture):
So being at work with nothing to do (because it is that SLOW and no one is coming into city hall), I began online shopping/browsing.  I actually haven't bought anything yet, and I think it may be due to divine intervention!  I have had my eye on this satchel for months:

It sold out around Christmas and I gave up.  Then I noticed it was back on sale online this last Tuesday, and then the generator switched happened and my screen went black.  By the time I could log back on, it was sold out, again.  I checked the last couple of days and nothing!  Then this morning, while trying to fill my time again I noticed it had popped back in.  I was sitting there thinking about pushing "submit" on my order and then my coworker came over to plug in my space heater and turned off my computer instead!  Then I logged back on, it was gone, again!

It is just a purse, and I'll for sure survive.  I had just been wanting a satchel like this style, and now I'm picky about it being leather so it last for a long time.  Well, I haven't found too many for a reasonable price.  This one wasn't until it went on sale, but I guess it just isn't meant to be!  I actually get to leave work a little early today for an appointment, so maybe I'll just have to do some searching afterwards online!

Okay, hope y'all are warmer than me :)



First, I would like to thank what few readers I have left for the wonderful birthday wishes!  It was a great time with family and friends, and it is good for me to realize how many people I do have that love me.  Sometimes I get sad because I feel like I struggle with finding good female friendships here.  I have a few, but they are all so much busier than I am so seeing them or talking on a regular basis just seems so challenging.   I'm sure that is part of adult life, and I still love them tons.  Birthdays also make me miss my family, but luckily my parents were able to make it down between snow storms to visit!

Well, most of you are probably in a lot worse shape than we are down here in TX, but man is it cold!  I should be more used to it having grown up in KS, but I have acclimated to down here and these constant below freezing temperatures are brutal.  In the picture above, that looks like snow, but it is actually all ice pellets frozen into one big sheet of ice over everything.  Sorry the picture kind of stinks.  I took it through the window on my phone. 

There are still some patches of ice on the roads down here, and school was closed for the third straight day.  However, I got to go to work everyday this week.  Aren't I lucky?  Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty empty, but a few more came in today.  If the city isn't officially closed, you have to take vacation days to stay home and I just didn't want to use vacation on ice days.  I'm lucky since I'm only a mile and a half from work so I can make it in okay.

However, I decided if I had to brave the cold, I was going to be warm.  I know U*gg type boots are fairly polarizing in the blog world, but I'm sorry - they are sooooo warm.  I have Fuggs (as my husband likes to call them for fake u*ggs), and I have worn them everyday this week.  They keep my tootsies warm and are pretty good on the ice compared to my wellies (they are better in rain or snow, not ice).  I wore corduroys the last couple of days too, but I ran out today.  Plus, our electricity surges blew out some of my outlets at my desk so I can't use the space heater right now either.  If my toes are cold, the rest of me is cold.

Anyway, I hope y'all are hunkered down and keeping warm :)