Conversation #185: 7 Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 204)

I am enjoying the 7 Quick Takes on Fridays.  It seems to be an easy way to motivate me to blog in the midst of my crazy busy life.  We are really blowing and going on the house right now, so things should be slowing down soon.

Check out all of the other contributors over at Jennifer's blog.

1. Today Jennifer talks about the March for Life and abortion.  I read an article she wrote, and I have to say that I agree with her final conclusion on why anyone supports abortion.  I have to say that it is something I just don't get.  I haven't even had the blessing of a little baby in my life yet, but seeing my niece and nephews grow is enough.  Really even watching my friends' children is enough to be pro-life.  Really, Christ is what makes me pro-life.  I had a friend that gave birth to her first little girl at 25 weeks - she was really early and so little (and is now a thriving toddler), but I remember seeing her in the NICU and just wondering how anyone could see a little baby like that and deny God and support abortion.  

Anyway, Jennifer explains her journey from pro-choice to pro-life, and I think her conclusion is spot on.  We have devalued human life in our culture - I don't know why, but unless that changes, abortions will continue.  Check out the article she wrote here.

I am not Catholic - non denominational, just FYI.  I don't know if that matters.

2.  Tomorrow is my 28th birthday.  I am not afraid of being 28, I sort of like getting older these days, but it does sound weird for some reason.  I can say that I do feel like I starting noticing things that hurt more or don't bounce back as well, and that scares me.  The act of getting older (the number) doesn't scare me.  I am mostly just afraid of aging in the fact that I know someday I won't be able to physically do what my mind can and wants to do, and that worries me.  Does that make sense?

3.  Along with my birthday, my parents are coming to visit and I always love seeing them!  It will be great!

4. I meant to take a picture of our new kitchen back splash to share before and afters, but I keep forgetting.  We did finally get a new camera though with a wide angle lens so I should be able to take better interior pictures of our older house.  It is so hard to gain perspective with my little point & shoot.

5. I hate caulk.  Well I like the purpose of caulk, but I hate applying it.  It is messy and leaves my fingers sticky.  However, I like that it waterproofs and protects from yucky things like mold so I guess that is good.

6. I am running out of things to share.  That is weird for me.  Must be the multiple nights of staying up too late working on the house.

7. See number 6 - have an awesome weekend.  I can't wait to enjoy our mild weather.  January in Texas is always a mild tease and then February gets super cold again.  That's okay - I will take 60 degree weather on my bday!


Conversation #184: Happy New Year...The 7 Quick Takes Version

Happy New Year dear readers!  I apologize for being absent for so long.  The hubby and I soaked up family time over the holidays and then we jumped back on house projects lately because my parents come in a week for my bday and we want the house to look differently than when they were here for Thanksgiving.  We are really moving along, and I think I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.  So for now, here are my quick takes.  Join along with Jen at Conversion Diary and check out everyone else's too :)

1.  I have a new nephew!  He is adorable and not even a week old yet!  It is so weird to think that I have two nephews now, but it is pretty awesome.  I'll have another new niece or nephew in a few more weeks so we just have babies galore right now.  I don't mind it at all :)

2.  I plan to tile our backsplash in the kitchen this weekend.  I can't wait because this and then painting are the main projects left to do in there.  I have been looking at dirty sheet rock for way too long!  The last backsplash we did was just two rows of subway tile, but this one we are doing the whole thing up to the cabinets with mosaic tiles so it will be a bit different.  I can't to see it done.  I got all of the hardware on the cabinets a couple of weeks ago and it is awesome seeing the vision come together.

3. I have a three day weekend - woohoo!  This is only the second time in my life that I have had MLK day off.  Our school didn't have it off.  Instead we went and learned about him - I think that was probably better.  However, I don't mind having an extra day to get things done around the house.

4.  I am finally getting my fingerprints done for my CHL (concealed handgun license).  Let's not get back into this debate.  I have made my feelings known.  Even if you never plan to carry or own a gun, I recommend taking the class.  It was super informative and empowering and fun!  I have been putting off the fingerprinting just because I am lazy, but I have an appointment on Monday and then I'm ready to send it all my info.

5.  I get to eat creme brulee and fried turkey tomorrow night.  Random - yes.  Awesome - double yes.  I have a friend at work who loves to cook and he and his wife have become friends of ours.  I have never had fried turkey before so he wanted to change that and he makes the BEST creme brulee I have ever had.  Seriously, I could eat only that for probably the rest of my life.  It is truly that amazing.  I am sure there will be other sides, but let's be honest, really all I care about is the creme brulee.

6.  This may sound random, but this small group I am part of just rocks my socks.  It is really a support group of ladies where we are just leaning on each other as we work through life while focusing on Christ.  We meet on Thursday nights so that is why I am talking about it today.  God just uses them to speak into my life and share so much about Him that is gives me goose bumps.  Do you know how awesome the Bible is?  I mean I have read it all my life, but God has opened my eyes to so much this last couple of years that I feel like I am reading it with new eyes.  The Old Testament has so much great stuff in it, too, and I just love rediscovering it.  Also, I started reading this new daily devotional called Jesus Calling.  Read it - it is awesome and God is so meeting me where I am right now through it.  

7.  Lastly, I have some projects in the work and I am so excited to share them with you in the coming weeks.  I feel like I have a lot going on right now, but I look forward to taking some time to share it hear.  Plus, I finally get a new to me laptop to use at home so blogging should be easier.  I love my little netbook, but it is pretty slow.  The hubby needed a new laptop for his law firm so the old one gets to be mine!  Plus, we just ordered a new camera/camcorder so I should have more fun pictures too (it has a wide angle lens so pictures of the house will come out better as well).  He plans to do some vlogging for his law practice blog so we decided to get a camcorder that also takes great stills as well.  I am so excited.  We found the one we wanted around Christmas and have been stalking it waiting for it to come down to our price range and it finally did last night.  Yipee!

Okay, I think those got progressively longer, but oh well.  I hadn't written in a month so I had to make up for lost time :)  Hope all are doing well and that your 2013 has gotten off to a bang!