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Conversation #32: Kitchen Design Help!

Okay, I don’t really know that too many people read this blog since I moved to a new address, but I’m begging if you do, please help me.  I am at a loss on what to do with part of my kitchen.Here is how I painted my kitchen 3 years ago:It was fun, bright, and I like it, but we decided it needed to be a bit more grown-up these days.  I knew we would have to paint it before we moved so we decided to just go ahead and do it now for a change.  We decided to go with a gray so that it would be neutral but not boring.  However, the gray had a strong blue tone to it on the walls and now I need to phase out my turquoise decor I think.Here are some afters (still putting it back together):Some of these are the same shots but with/without flash to show the colors.  I think I really like the new color, but the turquoise trim does not go anymore in my opinion.  I’m trying to figure out what to do with it, and I need help!!!  Please, give me ideas!!! I’m seriously begging now because the hubby and I…

Conversation #31: Summer Fun Song of the Week

I keep thinking I’ll be able to get back to regular posting, but this week my phone decided to break so I spent too many evenings at the Sprint store.  Also, one of my best friends had her first baby girl so we had to go see her at the hospital.  She is beautiful!!!Even though summer weather will be around here for a bit longer (I hope it is only a bit), school starts on Monday here so this will be the last “summer” fun song.  However, I LOVE music so I plan to share my song of the week depending on my mood, the season, whatever!My FAVORITE song this summer has been “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train.  I don’t know why, but the first time I heard it, I was hooked!  I even made it my phone ringer because I’m in love.  In fact, Train just released their next single “If It’s Love,” and I love it too!  Train is definitely on my love list these days.  I actually really want to see them in concert.  So for your listening pleasure, I give you two Train songs, one being my favorite summer song of 20…

Conversation #30: Where has the time gone?

Is it just me, or is August flying by?  I seriously don’t know where the first half went.  It is funny because now that Hunky Law Student is Hunky Law Graduate (almost to be lawyer in a few months after those pesky bar results come in), I find myself much busier.  I guess I got used to “single” life there for a bit. Well, to celebrate being done with this huge milestone, we decided to take a trip to the Dominican Republic.  I am so freaking excited!!!!  We haven’t been on trip since our honeymoon 5 years ago that wasn’t to visit family.  Technically, this trip we are going to be seeing some friends we have that live there, but since we’ll be staying here:I’m okay with taking a trip to visit more people!  It will be so great to see our friends, and I think it will be fun to have another couple to hang out with at the resort.  Our friends got married back in March in the Dominican, and we had to miss it so we wanted to find a time to go out and visit and celebrate with them.  We will st…

Conversation #29: Summer Fun Song of the Week

So summer is winding down with the start of school upon us, but it is still stinkin’ hot here.  When it gets this hot, I don’t want to do much but sit, move as little as possible, and catch any breeze I can (fan, air conditioning, wind, etc.)Therefore, I decided we needed a “chill” song this week so I chose “Red Red Wine” by UB40.  I realize this song is a bit older, but I love UB40 and ‘80s music and reggae type songs.  When I here a song like this, it just helps me mellow and cool off.  Who knows why, but I love them! Here are a couple of “bonus” reggae videos to really help you cool off and go to Jamaica in your mind and drink a pina colada (or maybe a margarita because I’m not a fan of the coconut).This is Cas Haley from a few seasons ago on America’s Got Talent, and the hubby and I love him.  He is a great reggae artist so enjoy some more chill music (excuse the back story and all).  Anyhow, you should check out some more of him on YouTube.  We have even been able to see his show …

Conversation #28: Thursday Thought

I have tried to not get too political these days or save it for really big things, but let’s face it, there are a lot of big things going on these days.  I don’t want to force my opinion on people because in this great country we have the right to believe whatever we want (which really means you have the right not to read my blog if you don’t agree, but I still like to have an inviting environment here).  Instead, I want to use Thursday Thought to maybe pass along something you didn’t hear that is political in nature and something I have deemed important.  Today, I present a video of a town hall session with Congressman Pete Stark from California.  If this doesn’t scare you, well it should: The problem is that our government shouldn’t be able to do whatever it wants, but we, the people, have let do more than it should for too long and we must stop it.  The power is supposed to lie with the people.

Conversation #27: Fall, where are you?

I know, I know.  It is only August in Texas – Fall doesn’t hit until October.  However, a girl can dream can’t she?  I have some fall picks that I plan to share with you when I have a bit more time.  For now, I’ll just share my first purchase of the fall season (because I really can’t wait!)I kind of got pulled in by wingtips this year, and thought they were classic enough to fit into my very classic (and maybe boring) wardrobe.  Therefore, I wanted to find a pair with a bit of pizzazz without breaking the bank.  I scored these brand new beauties off of ebay:They are the Alfani Ricky Brown Ankle Boots and I can’t wait to wear them with most everything!

Conversation #26: Meet the Nomad

Blogging?  What’s that?  Oh how I miss being able to write everyday and interact with you lovely friends.  If life just would settle down, ha!I was hoping to blog last night, but instead I drove in the driveway and the hunky law grad called me to say he sold our Goldwing.  Don’t worry, I was sort of hoping to hear that because we found a new bike that we really fell in love with.  Craigslist is just way too much of a temptation to my hubby!We had wanted a newer and more reliable bike so that we could maybe take little day or weekend trips, and we were able to do that staying under budget!  I guess you can call it a little “after the bar exam treat.”So we went from this:(We do kind of miss the Goldwing “LC”  because it was our first bike!)To this:We took it on our maiden voyage tonight!

Conversation #25: Summer Fun Song of the Week

Since I missed last week, I want to share two with you today!  I kind of have to admit though,  I’m sort of ready for summer songs to be done.  I need a break from this heat, and fall is calling my name.  However, it will be summer here for quite a bit more so I’ll keep on keeping on.Today, I want to start with Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus.  I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I can’t lie.  When this song comes on, I want to throw my hands, nod my head, and move my hips.  I have to turn this one up! Next up, a golden oldie: “California Girls” by The Beach Boys.  How can you not love this song, especially in summer?

Conversation #24: Where in the world is Sassy Engineer?

Wow – I have been gone for two weeks!  Eek!  I didn’t mean to, I promise.  Life is has just been so crazy lately.  I’ll try to recap a bit for you.Let’s see.  First, I went back to my hometown to attend the wedding of one of my best girlfriends from high school.  My date – another one of my best girlfriends from high school!  We were actually the guest book attendants.  It did sprinkle on us a bit, but it was still fun, and they were such a beautiful couple:Don’t you just love her dress?  I adore it!!!After that, I drove back with Doc Sis and the cutest boy in the world:We went to the zoo, and it was hot!!!!!  Thankfully this zoo was designed with a lot of shade, but when it is over 100 degrees, shade doesn’t matter too much.Then, we also got Hunky Law Graduate through the bar exam!Now, I don’t ever for a second try to say that being married to a law student is as hard as being one.  However, it is a big part of your life and relationship.  I knew we would make it through, but I defin…