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Conversation #177: 7 Quick Takes

So I decided to join in on the fun with Jen and partake in the 7 Quick Takes Friday link-up that a few of my daily reads do, so here it goes (I figure this is an easy way to get me back into blogging):

1. I haven't blogged in so long it took me a few extra seconds to realize how to start a new post.  Sad isn't it?  I blame it on the house. And Thanksgiving.  And a cold.

2. So the house; it is actually coming along.  We can sit on our couch and watch a movie if we want now - isn't that fabulous?  I mean I thought being able to shower and use a toilet in the same room was big time, but now I think movie watching trumps that.  Plus, that has been nice since I have been so sicky this week that the husband and I have pretty much only watched movies every night this week.  It has been a nice and much needed break from the house renos.

3. Thanksgiving - we stayed in town to hang with hubby's family, and my parents also came down.  They are awesome.  Not only did they put toge…

Conversation #176: Post-election thoughts...if you dare

So I have been processing the election and needed to take a day or so to organize my thoughts which is why I hadn't posted anything yet.  If you are sick of reading election thoughts, by all means skip over this post.  However, this isn't really just about the election but just my thoughts on the country and government as a whole.

Yes - I'm conservative.  Duh.  If you didn't get that from the blog title, well I can't help you.
Yes - I voted for Mitt Romney.  I didn't think he was perfect, but I do think he was the better choice for protecting our liberties, freedom, and making a better country for ALL.
Yes - I am a little sad he lost, but more than that I am BAFFLED.

That is my one word to explain the election this time - BAFFLED.  I was blown away by the results, but now I am using it as an enlightening experience.  I have learned that I don't I fit into the typical mold of my generation so it is interesting (and sometimes mind blowing) to hear why people …

Conversation #175: Election Day!!!

I hope everyone has voted today, but if not, RUN! You still have time in most places! I don't get to rock an "I voted" sticker today because I voted two weeks ago. However, I did rock some red and blue for the day!  Outfit breakdown:
Sweater, Lands' End Canvas, $20ish
Polka dot peplum top, Kohls, $7
Red jeans, Kohls, $20
Leather boots, Banana Republic via Ross, $40
Leather purse, Banana Republic

Conversation #174: The Election...some thoughts

Y'all have been lucky - I have been so busy with house stuff that I haven't gotten too political on this ol' blog this year, but don't worry, I still pay attention to these things.  Let's be honest, my blog title probably gives most of you an idea about who I support (although, it doesn't pertain just to politics).  I do hope everyone votes, and even though I may disagree with your vote, I am glad we live in a country where we get to vote.

This election season has been hard for me.  I pray often, and struggle with praying for who I want to win versus who will bring the most people to the Lord.  Sometimes I don't think that is the same person so it kind of scares me, but that is when I am glad I can surrender it to the Lord.  I pray that He is in control and that He is in each candidates life.  I did want to share an email my pastor sent out a few weeks ago when our church was talking about the election and current issues.  I really enjoyed what he wrote, an…

Conversation #173: What to 'do?

Alright, I promised yesterday and I need your help!  Here are the two hairstyles I am deciding between (similar lengths, just different shapes):

My hair isn't quite this long yet, so I am going to ask my hairdresser to cut into of these styles so it grows out into the right shape.  Okay, so should I go with Brittany or Thandie? 

P.S. Is it weird to use a picture of someone who passed away?  I hope not - I loved Brittany Murphy! 

Conversation #172: What I've been wearing lately (or really outfits from the last couple of months)

Don't you just love a really long and descriptive blog title?  Me too!

We are just blowing and going on the house (trying to get most of the big stuff done before my parents come down to stay for Thanksgiving) so I just don't have much time at all to blog.  However, once we hit the lull, be prepared for an abundance of house projects.  That also means hopefully we'll have unpacked and my camera cord will be found so I can quit uploading only phone pictures.  I'm still mostly holding out on house pics for that reason, but here is one teaser of our new granite:
It is called Sienna Bordeaux, and I'm pretty much in love it with it. Oh, and you get a sneak peak of the new cabinets too!  Things are happening, but there  We will finish one day.

So in the meantime, here are some pre-moving outfits, a few at the beginning of the move, and some more from the last week.  I didn't take many outfit pictures over the last 6 weeks because mos…