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Conversation #90: Four days late and 2 pounds short!

*This was supposed to post last week - sorry!
Well, the time came.  I had to end my WW subscription.  Okay, I could keep paying for it, but my 3 months was up and I am only 2 pounds shy of my goal!  I bought some of their tools so that I could keep on keeping on for the rest of my life, but I just felt like I didn't need the subscription anymore.  Actually, I do miss being able to look up food items easily, so I think I may ask my mom to order me their food guide book and dining out book because she has a sub right now and can do that for me.  We'll see how this week ends up, but I have been going it alone with my little guidebook I keep in my purse.

Anyway, overall I lost 16 pounds on WW and only have 2 left to reach my goal.  The only bad part of all of this that I have been going a little crazy buying smaller clothes.  I have tried to slow myself down lately, but it has been kind of fun.  I'll have to share some items with you a little later because there have been great …

Conversation #89: I think I might fall asleep typing this...zzzzzzzzz

Ok, not really.  I am pooped though!  The hubby and I took a trip north to our hometown to visit some dear friends and family.  It was a whirlwind weekend.  I never sleep great on trips (it is super frustrating), but we just had late nights and lots of driving.  I was way too tired to get up and exercise today.  I decided I could give myself a break for one day.

I hate the monthly visitor, Aunt Flo (have any of you ever called it that).  I don't remember where I first heard that, but I never used it much.  Well, for some reason this week I said it to the hubby and he loves calling it that now.  What a nerd, but I love him!  Anyway, since I started Weight Watchers, the week Aunt Flo has been here has always been a struggle and I tend to lose nothing.  I'm not sure if it is water retention or just hormones, but then weighing makes me extra depressed (and I know that is the hormones).  Anyhow, I didn't lose any this week.  I thought I might.  I ate well, exercised a lot, and …

Conversation #88: Weight Watchers Update

I actually meant to post yesterday, but then my hubby decided he wanted a lazy night last night, and who was I to deny him that.  We didn't have a super relaxing weekend so we decided last night was our weekend night.  Tonight I need to get busy cleaning my kitchen.  Due to plumbing issues, namely my washing machine, my poor kitchen has a been a wreck for about three weeks and my laundry piles have grown to a scary amount.  Our washer sits back in the this little nook in our kitchen so when you have to work on it you have to pull it out in the middle of the floor basically.  Anyhow, the plumber fixed it yesterday so we should be in business!

I also didn't mean to fall off the earth and not post at all last week, but I was in training for most of the week so I was beat by the time I got home.  I also didn't lose any weight the week before so I was a little depressed to post.  I seem to lose 2 or 3 pounds one week and then none the next.  Last week I lost two pounds when I w…

Conversation #87: The Family Unit

I feel like I haven't written anything really meaningful lately.  I usually try to keep a mix of funny, light-hearted, with a dose of serious.  Lately, my blog has been more shallow (and that is okay most of the time because talking about serious stuff too much is just plain depressing). 

I have thought for a long time that a lot of "problems" in our country stem from the break-down of the family unit.  That may offend some of you, and I don't mean to.  My husband's parents divorced when he was young, and I do fully believe with love and most importantly, God, you can overcome anything and come out fine.  However, I also think if God were truly the center of all marriages, then there wouldn't be a break down, but we all know that isn't the case anywhere in the world.  (This also doesn't mean that I think marriages focused on God have no problems or struggles.  They do - believe me, I can share many of mine own.  However, I also know the only reason m…

Conversation #86: Summer Fun Song of the Week is back!

First things first – GO MAVERICKS!!!Photo from: dallas.sbnation.comYesterday was the last day of school where I live.  I know the calendar hasn’t flipped to June 21st yet, but once school is out and we are experiencing 97+ degree days, it’s summer.I loved picking fun songs last year during the summer that picked me up and made me happy.  Okay, so I don’t really generally love rap lyrics (or even actually understand what is being said) but I do like the beats in rap songs and I love the sampling in this song in the chorus, particularly.  It just makes me feel like groovin'.  I also didn’t really pay attention to the video, so if it isn’t “wow,” know I just enjoy the song.Okay, that is enough qualifiers: Happy Friday!

Conversation #85: The Simple Things

For some reason, I suddenly feel like I have so much I want to say again in the blog world.  I’m not sure why because I have been feeling very dry for the last few months (honestly, probably the last year!)Lately, I have been feeling like purging items out.  However, I have also been buying new stuff, but since I’m trying to stick to the “one-in/one-out” rule, it’s good that I’m moving things out.  I actually tried selling something on ebay for the first time.  I sold one out of three on my first go round so I’ll consider it a success.I like grand gestures and big exciting adventures, but as I get *ahem* older, I realize I find so much pleasure in the small, simple things.  Actually, I have for a while.  My husband used to tell me that I got way too excited for an ice cream cone from Mc*Donalds (I’m sorry, it is fairly low cal and cheap; wait, I don’t have to apologize on my blog!)I guess things haven’t changed much because treats still get me excited.  My favorite: a large coke icee …