Conversation #90: Four days late and 2 pounds short!

*This was supposed to post last week - sorry!

Well, the time came.  I had to end my WW subscription.  Okay, I could keep paying for it, but my 3 months was up and I am only 2 pounds shy of my goal!  I bought some of their tools so that I could keep on keeping on for the rest of my life, but I just felt like I didn't need the subscription anymore.  Actually, I do miss being able to look up food items easily, so I think I may ask my mom to order me their food guide book and dining out book because she has a sub right now and can do that for me.  We'll see how this week ends up, but I have been going it alone with my little guidebook I keep in my purse.

Anyway, overall I lost 16 pounds on WW and only have 2 left to reach my goal.  The only bad part of all of this that I have been going a little crazy buying smaller clothes.  I have tried to slow myself down lately, but it has been kind of fun.  I'll have to share some items with you a little later because there have been great deals out there.


Conversation #89: I think I might fall asleep typing this...zzzzzzzzz

Ok, not really.  I am pooped though!  The hubby and I took a trip north to our hometown to visit some dear friends and family.  It was a whirlwind weekend.  I never sleep great on trips (it is super frustrating), but we just had late nights and lots of driving.  I was way too tired to get up and exercise today.  I decided I could give myself a break for one day.

I hate the monthly visitor, Aunt Flo (have any of you ever called it that).  I don't remember where I first heard that, but I never used it much.  Well, for some reason this week I said it to the hubby and he loves calling it that now.  What a nerd, but I love him!  Anyway, since I started Weight Watchers, the week Aunt Flo has been here has always been a struggle and I tend to lose nothing.  I'm not sure if it is water retention or just hormones, but then weighing makes me extra depressed (and I know that is the hormones).  Anyhow, I didn't lose any this week.  I thought I might.  I ate well, exercised a lot, and felt good.  I also wonder if I'm finally starting to build muscle mass so that might be making the number stay level too.  That is a big reason why I try to not get too caught up on the number, and I still feel great and can feel the toning of my muscles.

I think I just felt like a failure because my online subscription is up a week from tomorrow, and to reach my goal, I would have to lose 4 pounds this week (which isn't really recommended).  However, like I told my husband, I have only been at this for 3 months.  I'm still changing years of how I have eaten and thought about food so it might take a bit longer to really be great at this, and that's okay.  I don't plan to renew my subscription at this point, but I did buy some tools from them to use afterwards.  If I find that I need the extra support, then I will get a sub again.

Just for fun - a couple of very similar looking outfits!

Top: Tinley Road, Piperlime ($21, shipped)
Pants: Lands' End ($15, shipped)
Sandals: Lands' End Canvas ($15, shipped)
Necklace: New York & Co (a while ago)
Watch: Zodiac (gift from a friend, watchband smells like Vanilla)

Cardigan: Gap Outlet, $15
Shirt: Tinley Road, Piperlime, $15 shipped
Pants: Lands' End Canvas, $14 shipped
Shoes: American Eagle Outfitters, $15 shipped
Watch: Citizen Eco Drive, Christmas gift from Hubby

Also, you may notice that my hair is OOC!  I'm trying to grow it out a bit for an upcoming wedding in August, but I look like a wild animal.  I love my curly hair, and I have embraced it, but the humidity is not my friend.  I miss the dry winter during these months - I had weeks of good hair days!  My curly hair friends, any products you love?


Conversation #88: Weight Watchers Update

I actually meant to post yesterday, but then my hubby decided he wanted a lazy night last night, and who was I to deny him that.  We didn't have a super relaxing weekend so we decided last night was our weekend night.  Tonight I need to get busy cleaning my kitchen.  Due to plumbing issues, namely my washing machine, my poor kitchen has a been a wreck for about three weeks and my laundry piles have grown to a scary amount.  Our washer sits back in the this little nook in our kitchen so when you have to work on it you have to pull it out in the middle of the floor basically.  Anyhow, the plumber fixed it yesterday so we should be in business!

I also didn't mean to fall off the earth and not post at all last week, but I was in training for most of the week so I was beat by the time I got home.  I also didn't lose any weight the week before so I was a little depressed to post.  I seem to lose 2 or 3 pounds one week and then none the next.  Last week I lost two pounds when I weighed in on Sunday.  I was very happy!!!

I only have this week and next week left in my 3 month subscription, and I hope to get the last 4 pounds off before that.  I'm not sure if it will happen, but I should be close.  I also bought some tools so that I can continue to really learn how to live my new lifestyle.  I don't want to be part of the 80% of adults who lose weight and then gain it back.  I want this to be a lifestyle change.

I even graduated myself to level 2 of The Shred (how many months has it taken?), and I haven't died yet!  I finally feel like I can see and feel changes in my muscle tone, and I can even wear a size 6 now.  I honestly don't remember the last time I could wear a 6.  I was squeezing into big 8's (like I couldn't tuck in a shirt and wore something lose over top) and wear 10's comfortably.  I had even had a couple of pairs of 12's and that started to scare me.  I have never been worried about my weight, and for the most part I hadn't really worried about my size either.  I feel like it wasn't until college that I really started to be aware of all of that, and it affected me for a bit.  Then, really it became an issue of health for me, and getting to slim down a couple of sizes has been an awesome bonus/reward! 

My biggest goal with WW has been to lower my cholesterol.  I won't be able to have a blood test until September, but I have to lowered it.  I have almost entirely curbed my cheese addiction, and I eat much smaller portions of other fatty, high cholesterol foods (eggs, etc.)  I even converted to the 2% reduced fat cheddar cheese - something I swore I would never do.  However, I wanted cheese on my tacos and that was a way I could have it for less points.  It actually isn't too bad.

I had a request for pictures, and I decided in the beginning in my head that I would wait until I finished WW to post them.  Pictures are funny for me though.  I look at pictures from high school (when I weighed my goal weight) and I don't think I ever really looked like I had put on 25 pounds in the last 8 years.  However, the scale doesn't lie.  I did take some pictures before I started and I took some a couple of weeks ago to compare.  I know I weighed 12 pounds less and felt more tone, but I'm not sure the pictures look that different.  Strange isn't it?  I have always wondered where the weight was.  I think I can see a change in my face and arms the most, and a bit in my abs.  Weirdly though, I lost very little in my bust.  I am well endowed, and still pretty much just as blessed you might say.  To be fair, I did lose a little up top, but not enough to go back down to a 34 D so I still get to sport a 34 DD.  I fear getting pregnant because I really don't want to move up to the G or H sizes!

Okay, enough about all of that.  Look for before and afters in a couple of weeks, and in the meantime I'll try to share some more interesting news.  Have a great Tuesday!


Conversation #87: The Family Unit

I feel like I haven't written anything really meaningful lately.  I usually try to keep a mix of funny, light-hearted, with a dose of serious.  Lately, my blog has been more shallow (and that is okay most of the time because talking about serious stuff too much is just plain depressing). 

I have thought for a long time that a lot of "problems" in our country stem from the break-down of the family unit.  That may offend some of you, and I don't mean to.  My husband's parents divorced when he was young, and I do fully believe with love and most importantly, God, you can overcome anything and come out fine.  However, I also think if God were truly the center of all marriages, then there wouldn't be a break down, but we all know that isn't the case anywhere in the world.  (This also doesn't mean that I think marriages focused on God have no problems or struggles.  They do - believe me, I can share many of mine own.  However, I also know the only reason my husband and I made it through the first three years of marriage was because of the grace of God and His working in us where we were inadequate).

Okay, that was a long tangent/explanation/disclaimer.  My sister and I have often discussed what made us different than Joe Blow over here that is in prison, doing drugs, sleeping around, etc.  I wasn't born into wealth, but I was born into a strong family.  I'll be honest - sometimes I don't get why I got the family I did.  I feel such a sense of gratitude towards God and beyond blessed and lucky for being born in the country I was and to the family I was.  I know I would not have made it through a very dark time in my past and come out to be who I am had I not been blessed with the mother God gave me.  My family is my rock.  Even though I'm hundreds of miles away from them, they support me.  They are the first people I want to call (obviously my husband is the most important but thankfully he is not hundreds of miles away), and they always make me feel better and loved. 

In fact, the biggest fear I have about future motherhood is trying to give my children the same kind of family life I had.  (labor and delivery freak me out a little, too)  I know my parents aren't perfect, but thankfully they looked to God for guidance and He filled in where they lacked. 

Let's look at our education system for example.  In talking to many of my teacher friends, they have had to become the parents in a sense.  They have to discipline, teach, hold accountable, etc.  I think all teachers do that to some level, but they should never be doing it to the level they are these days.  Those responsibilities are the parents.  Too many teachers say that the parents don't care.  They aren't involved.  They don't ask about homework, projects.  They don't come to parent/teacher conferences.  They don't teach their children that they should work hard to be productive in life.  As one of my teachers said back in my high school days, "A change happened in America, where parents went from saying 'I want little Johnny to grow up to be a productive, good member of society' to 'I just want little Johnny to be happy.' "  (that might not be the exact quote, but you get the idea)  Unfortunately, "being happy" in this sense, I'm afraid often leads children into a path of self-centeredness.  When we are the center of our world, nothing works out right (again, I'm human, I can attest to that).

Our church is getting ready to start a series on family so I may have more nuggets and thoughts to share with you over the next few weeks, but for now I would like to share a link that my minister sent out to us.  This writer explains it much better than me.  Read it here.


Conversation #86: Summer Fun Song of the Week is back!

First things first – GO MAVERICKS!!!


Photo from: dallas.sbnation.com

Yesterday was the last day of school where I live.  I know the calendar hasn’t flipped to June 21st yet, but once school is out and we are experiencing 97+ degree days, it’s summer.

I loved picking fun songs last year during the summer that picked me up and made me happy. 

Okay, so I don’t really generally love rap lyrics (or even actually understand what is being said) but I do like the beats in rap songs and I love the sampling in this song in the chorus, particularly.  It just makes me feel like groovin'.  I also didn’t really pay attention to the video, so if it isn’t “wow,” know I just enjoy the song.

Okay, that is enough qualifiers:

Happy Friday!


Conversation #85: The Simple Things

For some reason, I suddenly feel like I have so much I want to say again in the blog world.  I’m not sure why because I have been feeling very dry for the last few months (honestly, probably the last year!)

Lately, I have been feeling like purging items out.  However, I have also been buying new stuff, but since I’m trying to stick to the “one-in/one-out” rule, it’s good that I’m moving things out.  I actually tried selling something on ebay for the first time.  I sold one out of three on my first go round so I’ll consider it a success.

I like grand gestures and big exciting adventures, but as I get *ahem* older, I realize I find so much pleasure in the small, simple things.  Actually, I have for a while.  My husband used to tell me that I got way too excited for an ice cream cone from Mc*Donalds (I’m sorry, it is fairly low cal and cheap; wait, I don’t have to apologize on my blog!)

I guess things haven’t changed much because treats still get me excited.  My favorite: a large coke icee from Bur*ger K*ing.  I could probably have a few a day, but since it comes out to 4 WeightWatcher points, I stick to one a week and plan it as a treat.  Don’t you just want to jump into this goodness?

coke icee

Let’s see, another small thing, freshly laundered and recently found dish towels.  This one may seem weird so let me do some ‘xplainin (shout out to my I Love Lucy fans!!!)  We had a nice stock of dish towels, and then slowly they started disappearing.  I had no idea where they were going.  Finally, one day I happened to notice one behind the washer.  I tried for a long time to force it out with a stick to no avail (a dowel rod to be exact).  I knew the washer had been eating them.  Well, unfortunately (or fortunately if you want to be a glass half-full type) our washer drain line clogged last week so we had to pull the washer out and I found about 5 dish towels (actually 6 but one was to gross to even bleach and reuse).  I’m so excited to increase my stash again without having to spend money because I know they were disappearing again!

dish towels

During some of my purging and cleaning I was doing earlier, I decided it was time for more organization in thee ole closet.  I love change and rearranging (I hate plans changing, but that is a different kind of change and I’m off on a tangent again!)  Anyway, we have a small closet so I have gotten super creative with my cubes and bins and such to make use out of every inch.  In our apartment, I had mine own closet that was bigger than the one in our house, and the hubby had is own normal sized one (even though our apartment was built in the ‘50s, they knew the master bedroom needed two closet.  Now why didn’t they share that with our house builders in the '50s also?)

Here is just one cube that now has smaller bins to separate the goats from the lambs (a weird saying a coworker uses – he is from Mexico, is that a Mexican saying?):

organized closet

Oh, and the last thing I have been enjoying is my new to me Nook!  I had wondered if I would like an e-reader because I hate reading backlit things too long and love reading books.  However, I am a big proponent of the Nook or Kindle or anything else with “e-ink.”  Sorry, ipad, that isn’t you.  Anywho, I get the ebay daily deals email, and one day that had certified refurbished nooks for sale from Barnes & N*oble for half the cost of a new one so I jumped on it.  It looks brand new, and I’m in love!  I actually decided on the nook because a) it was on sale but more importantly b) it works with our public library so I can check out e-books for free!  I’m not ready to start buying a whole bunch of now e-books so I love that I can check them out.  It took me a few nights to figure out how to use the stupid library system, but now I got it down.  Totally recommend!!!  (Now I don’t have to lug around multiple books for vacation)


Okay, and then this is the last thing, a random outfit of the day post.  I had stalked this dress on Lands End Canvas for weeks, and finally I got it on sale in my size (it was still a bit of a splurge for this frugal gal)!

lec striped dress

Dress: Lands End Canvas, $35

Belt: Coldwater Creek, $10

Necklace: Coldwater Creek, $?  (got with a gift card)

Watch: Anne Klein, ebay, $35

Shoes: Lands End Canvas, $13