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Conversation #159: God is bigger than the PE

God is amazing.  Did you know that?  I have shared my spiritual journey here many times over the last couple of months - the journey God has had me on, but I just want to share more as it keeps growing.  I have known this for a little over a three weeks now, but I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to post it.  I got the PE exam results back, and.....I PASSED!!!

I can't tell you how grateful, happy, and excited I am.  I felt such a peace while taking the exam and even after because I literally felt the Holy Spirit there with me.  However, the enemy was trying to rob that peace from me as the weeks ticked by so I had to try to take every thought captive to the Lord.  I knew whatever the outcome was, it was God's will because I finally gave that test to Him and relied on Him to pass it. 

You see, I am reading this book and going through a study with some lovely friends from my church, and it talks about having to break your Outer Man to let your Inner Man rule.  I have to stop …

Conversation #158: A sale I had to tell you about...

If you have read my blog for a while (especially if you are a reader from my old blog), then you know I have a love affair with a certain brand: Lands' End Canvas.  I started off loving Lands' End, and then really fell in love with their new Canvas line as soon as it launched.  I own many items from that line.  Anyway, they are doing a few days of something they are calling Destination Deals.  The first few days they had some shorts on sale for $12.  They were cute and I loved them, but I held off knowing that working 5 days a week in a business casual office doesn't lend me much time to wear cute shorts.  I already have enough.

However, yesterday, their deal was on dresses, and I jumped on that opportunity because I LOVE dresses.  They are so easy and comfortable for the warm summer days down here in Texas.  Plus, I can wear them to work!  Go here and you can see all of the cute dresses for sale.  They are marked down to $34, but if you use the promo code listed on their …

Conversation #157: Show Us Your Life

Howdy - happy Friday!

So I have a lot of blog ideas, but haven't sat down to really write them yet so today I decided I wanted to participate in Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" series.  I have done it before, and it is pretty fun!

Today is Living Rooms.

Mine isn't to fancy, but I like it that way.  I like visitors to feel like they are at "home."  I want it to be cozy, comfy, and inviting.  I also love have a mixture of books and objects on our shelves.  Here are a few pictures to enjoy:

 This is an overall view of the living room.  I hate blocking windows, but after 5 years, we have learned this really is the best set-up for our living room.  Plus, the little loveseat doesn't block too much of the huge window so we still can see out just fine.  I decided before we got married to do a red, brown, cream color scheme in our living room.  I love that it is warm and cozy, but not too neutral either (I love color).  Therefore, we kept this color scheme even …