Conversation #165: Will we be homeless?

Nah!  This will be short and sweet and after all the dust settles I'll give more updates.  Long story short, we put our house on the market three weeks ago or so, got an offer last weekend (a week ago now) and accepted it.  The inspection is today - trying to just surrender it to God. We found a house,  made an offer, almost signed a contract, then learned it has aluminum wiring (very bad apparently), walked away from house, and don't have one on the horizon.  Old me would be freaked out - new me abiding in the Holy Spirit knows God has a plan.  I would love to not have to move to an apartment temporarily, but if we do, we will.  I really want the sale of our house to go through because we just love the young couple, and selling our first house has been quite emotional for me.  We put a lot into it, and I know they will love it so we are praying that all goes well for the next couple of days.  Anyway, the last few weeks have been crazy busy, but I wanted to pop in to give a little update :)  Keep you posted!


Conversation #164: A sad tragedy, could it have been stopped?

*This is long - I hope you will read it.  At the very least - please watch the video at the end!

I am sure, like me, all of you are aware of the shooting tragedy in Aurora, CO that took place in the wee hours of the morning.  I pray for those families that lost dear ones and pray for healing for those injured.  There is no way I can imagine what it is like to go through an experience like this.  The terror that they felt during the attack and the terror that they will likely still experience as they process what happened just makes my heart hurt for them.  I pray that the Lord bring them His peace that surpasses all understanding.  I pray that He protect them and scoop them all up in His arms to carry them through this horrific ordeal.  It makes me so sad. 

I truly can't understand what goes on in a person's mind to push them to doing something like this.  God gives us free will, and in that, some people do some pretty horrible things - it has always been that way, and it will continue until the Lord returns and we get to go to Heaven.  Sometimes, I really don't know how people who don't know the Lord make it through each day here on Earth.  There are many days when that is they only thing I have to cling to when I feel so worried or sad.

Anyway, I hate that this story is already being politicized.  I hate that one act of a clearly disturbed person already has the left using the media to bring on the gun-control debate.  However, since one side has politicized it, I feel like I need to explain the other side (even though my readership is pretty small). I know not all of my readers probably agree with my politics, and that is okay.  I respect that, but this is my blog, I am conservative, and I am pro-gun.  I also respectfully think you are wrong if you are anti-gun, and I even have some close family that doesn't necessarily agree with me entirely.  If you will stick with me for a moment here, though, maybe I can show you why I believe the way I do.

There is one simple fact - guns don't kill people.  Yes, you read that right.  Guns don't kill people.  People kill people.  I won't say never because I am not omniscient, but I am pretty sure that rarely a gun lying on a table has spontaneously gone off and killed people.  Many proponents of gun control say that guns should be removed from all hands so that tragedies like this never happen.  Let me propose a scenario to you: are drugs illegal?  Do we try to control controlled substances?  Are there underground drug rings?  Do many people still die from drug overdoses?  Is prostitution legal?  Do we here about brothels being found in America still?  Is there not still, sadly, sex trafficking even in America? Do you see my point?  Just because you restrict something doesn't mean it ceases to exist or be a problem.  Besides, there are already gun laws in this country, and you do have to go through background checks and classes and such to obtain a conceal/carry license in many states.

You see, what happens is that the bad guys will still get guns.  They will find a way whether a law exists or not.  If a person is willing to kill others without "gun control", do you really think a person changes just because obtaining a gun becomes harder or illegal?  All we would be faced with is a world where the good guys can no longer protect themself or others against the bad guys.  I'm not saying that every person must carry, some people don't like guns - I'm fine with that.  However, I don't see why they need to tread on the rights of others to protect themself.  In fact, someone who is against guns might find themself in a situation sometime where a person standing next to them is a law-abiding gun owner, and they just might save their life.  Take this story for instance: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/18/samuel-williams-duwayne-henderson-davis-dawkins-internet-cafe-shooting_n_1682519.html (Note, this is on the Huffington Post, not the most conservative publication in the world - I like to read the comments too).  Another link about the story: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/07/19/florida-customer-who-shot-suspects-during-internet-cafe-robbery-will-not-face/

This man probably saved many from injury or death.  I don't know about you, but if two guys walk in with a a bat and a gun - I am fearing for my life.  The other patrons of the internet cafe, they appreciate what he did for them.

The first time I saw this video, I sat speechless.  This woman, Dr. Hupp, appealed to the Texas State Legislature to allow law abiding citizens to carry a gun.  Her experience in a Luby's so many years ago reminds me of the tragedy that just took place in the movie theater.  It makes me wonder, if someone had been carrying a gun in that theater, would they have been able to stop the mad man?  We'll never know for sure, but I am going to hope every time that a good guy will be there to stop the mad man and save many.  I urge you to watch the video below.  I could never say it as well as her:

No matter what you believe, do say a prayer for the families of those affected by the events in Aurora.


Conversation #163: Summer Fun song of the Week

So I did this little series the last couple of summers, and I decided it was about time for me to bring it back.  I have a little confession, I listen to sports talk radio most days at work - do you all still love me?!  I live in TX so sports are pretty major here, but I also grew up in a family (even though we were all girls) where sports were watched (not really participated in so much).  My mom and my dad are both big sports fans, and although the hubby wasn't so much when we started dating (I was probably more into sports than him), he became a major sports fan in college and sucked me in deep too!  It is fun to get to enjoy it together and especially when we get to cheer on our alma mater together.  Anyway, all of that to say I haven't listened to as much music lately, which is sad because I LOVE music.  So I decided to share my music likes with you - sorry if you don't like them (well, only a little, this is my blog after all)!

So most of you have probably heard of the group Karmin, but I just love them and they make me happy and that is what my Summer Fun song of the Week is all about; listening to tunes that make you want to roll down the window (unless it is blazing hot, like it is everywhere right now) and sing at the top of your lungs with the sun shining down.  There are so many songs that bring back happy summer memories for me so summer music has become something I look forward to each year.  It is usually lighter, poppier, and very catchy!

Okay, back to Karmin.  Love them.  The end.  Here are a couple of songs for you to enjoy (beware, they are a time suck for me on YouTube!)

*No frugal fashion today - I didn't do such a good job at outfit pics this week!


Conversation #162: My new favorite summer treat

*This is not a sponsored post - I don't do those on this 'lil 'ol blog (how many apostrophes can I use in a row?!)  I just like to share things that I like.

I meant to take a picture before I finished most of it, but I just couldn't wait because it was that tasty.  Oh, right, I need to tell you what "it" is!  I tried the new Burger King frozen strawberry lemonade today and it was soooooooo tasty.  I love icee/slush type things and lemonade so it is the perfect mix for me.  The last couple of years I have been addicted to coke icees, but I thought I would try this out.  The small is only 3 WW points plus so it is definitely a little treat to enjoy every now and then.  Honestly, I tried the McDonald's version a couple of months ago and was underwhelmed.  The BK version, in my humble opinion, is quite a bit tastier.  Anyway, if you are looking for a way to stay cool in this crazy heat, try one!


Conversation #161: Frugal Friday Fashion

Let's have a little fun today!  I haven't been that amazing at putting together outfits lately due to the heat (not much I want to wear to work) and traveling (the last couple of weekends and next) and putting our house on the market (say what?). I'll fill you in on all of that in the next couple of days!

For now, here are a few mediocre outfits I did manage to pull together over the last few weeks, but they aren't really that amazing!  Peruse if you choose...

Outfit breakdown:
Top, Gap, $10ish
Pants, Gap, $12ish
Necklace, Coldwater Creek, $10
Shoes, Naturalizer via 6pm.com, $24 (so cute, comfy and leather!)
Watch, Michele, gift

Outfit breakdown:
Dress, Talbots, $12 (major sale)
Necklace, Coldwater Creek
Shoes, Lands End Canvas, $32
Watch, Michele, gift

Outfit breakdown:
Dress, Lands End Canvas(one of my sale dresses), $27
Leather Sandals, Lands End Canvas, $13
Leather belt, American Eagle Outfitters, $10
Leather bag, Talbots

Top, Coldwater Creek, $10ish
Pants, JCPenney, $18
Leather sandals, Lands End Canvas, $13

Silk dress, Lands End Canvas (another sale dress), $27
Leather oxfords, J.Jill, $30

Top, Lands End Canvas, $12
Pants, Gap, $12
Leather sandals, Lands End Canvas, $? (yes I have these in three colors)
Bag, Kate Spade (a major splurge for me, my reward to myself for passing the PE and it was over 60% off so I still got a good deal)

Top, Gap, $4
White jeans, Gap, $10 (a long time ago); were boot cut, I made them straight leg/skinny
Leather sandals, Lands End Canvas

Eyelet Dress, Lands End Canvas (third sale dress), $27
Necklace and sandals seen above

Cardi, Target, $6 (I have wanted a printed cardigan for forever)
Tank, Tinley Road via Piperlime, $10
Cropped pants, Talbots, $8
Sandals seen above

So there are some outfits for the last few weeks.  Told you, nothing too exciting!  You might have even noticed I was glasses free in one picture.  I am trying to incorporate contacts back into my routine.  I gave up on them because between birth control, allergy pills, and my migraine meds, my eyes were always too dry.  However, I stopped birth control (not for getting pregnant yet) so I am anxious to see if I can wear them again.  That was the biggest culprit before allergies and migraine meds made an appearance.

I am also taking care of my curly hair differently these days, but this post has gotten long so I think I will share that on another day :)  Have a super weekend!


Conversation #160: I don't even know where to start

Life has been moving so fast these days.  I keep thinking I'll blog, but then thought of trying to compile all of my thoughts just makes my head hurt so I don't. 

First, we are possibly moving and I have realized I hate selling a house.  It is stressful, emotional, and the unknown just makes me crazy.  Think this is God continuing to ask me to trust Him?  Probably.  I have decided if we move, that I need to find a house I can die in because I really don't want to go through this again. 

Due to the possibility of moving, we are tabling the children thing until we know which way we are going with a house.  Once we figure that out, who knows!

So that is what is going on in my head in my own little corner of the world, but it is the rest of the world that is really frightening to me lately.  I am trying to learn to give this to God - to give my fear to the One who can take it; who wants to take it.  I could easily let myself be terrified by our lack of support for Israel and seeming support of a possibly more oppressive ruler in Egypt.  I could fear what it will mean medically and financially to have a baby if Obamacare (ACA) remains.  I could really freak out over the control it seems our leaders want over my life and my choices.  I don't understand how people could say they want to be more like Europe, when those similar policies we are trying to enact in America are what has driven Europe to the state it is in today.  Honestly - sometimes I don't even know what to fear anymore. Anyone could find some statistic that they could manipulate to promote one thing or the other.  That frightens me.

So what do I do?  Like I  said, I am trying to remember to go to the One who comforts, protects, and can provides me with eternal security.  All of the above scares me, and I still have to face it in this life.  However, sometimes I feel like I can't do anything, but pray.  But then I realize that might be the only thing I should do sometimes, is pray.  I pray for God to be in control.  I pray for the leaders in our country to trust in Him.  I pray for God to continue to reveal Himself in dreams and visions to Muslims living in the Middle East (or anywhere for that fact).  I pray that I have no fear because of Him, and that I daily submit to Him and His will.  I still let myself get worried or anxious or scared or angry, but then I have to remember to drop to my knees (figuratively or literally) and give it to Him.  That is the only place I find peace.  Because I already know how it ends, and I know who wins.  If I focus on that every day, every minute, every second, whom then shall I fear?