Conversation #115: Outfit overload

I'm not sure these will be inspiring to anyone, but I have some outfit pictures from the last few weeks on my phone so I decided to dump them here.  Aren't the phone photos in my work bathroom super inspiring?!

Casual Friday a few weeks ago, breakdown:
Striped Boy Tee, Lands' End Canvas, $2
Bootcut Jeans, Gap, $20
Leather Belt, American Eagle Outfitters, $10 (?)
Leather & Canvas Heels, Lands' End Canvas, $30
Necklace, Target, $3

Outfit breakdown:
Red/White Striped shirt, Lands' End Canvas, $12
Ponte Pants, Lands' End, $14
Leopard Calfhair flats, BP via ebay, $30
Faux gold chain necklace, JCPenney, $12

One of my favorite recent outfits, I had a downtown meeting so I wanted to get gussied for downtown Dallas
Outfit breakdown:
Cardigan, New York and Co, $18
Silk and lace tank, J. Crew via ebay, $13
Black crepe pants, Talbots, $30
Black leather booties, JCPenney, $24
Necklace, Coldwater Creek, $7 (?, can't remember for sure)

Another Rangers work outfit
Outfit Breakdown:
Striped cowl neck top, Gap, $12
Trouser Jeans, LL Bean, $19
Leather Ankle Boots, Talbots, $18
An outfit inspired from Fab Finds Under $50, Grey and Camel
Outfit breakdown:
Cardigan, Gap Outlet, $10.50
Camel flannel dress, J. Crew via J.Crew Aficionada blog, $40 (I had searched for this a while)
Grey leather belt, J. Jill, $5
Grey suede heels, Shoe Carnival, $29 (?)
Necklace, local store, $4 (I get more compliments on this necklace than any other piece of jewelry I own) 
Looking back at these photos, I realize that I think I'm getting better at putting together outfits.  However, I still feel like my hair just looks a mess everyday.  I try so many different ways of styling it, but it always looks frizzy and full of fly-aways in photos.  Any tips out there?  Early in the year, maybe January and February, it was so dry here that I had a good run of awesome hairdays (although my skin was dying a slow parched death).  I hope that dry air hits again this season.  Until then, what do you do to fight frizz?


Conversation #114: Wardrobe Checklist (and retail detox update)

I read something a while back that sort of spurred me into thinking I needed to do this whole retail detox thing.  I'm just going to get it out there - it has been way hard for me and I'm super embarrassed and disappointed by that.  I did well for the first two weeks, and then I got into this buying and returning things habit because I felt bad after buying it.  I told myself that I could still buy things, but only with extra money I earned from ebay.  That worked for a while too, but then I caved to the Lands' End Canvas sale last weekend.  I bought three tees, a skirt, and a cardigan.  I think that all but maybe one tee will be going back and hopefully I can stop this extra shopping. 

Okay, back to the "thing" I read...

It was an article in Real Simple magazine targeted at helping you never buy the wrong thing again.  It has great tips in it, and the wardrobe checklist it includes really brought it all back home to me.  I started going through the checklist and realized I had multiples of many of the items on there.  If you want to read the whole piece (which I encourage you to do): click here.  However, here is a picture of the checklist that I copied from the previous Real Simple link - it is pretty small so you'll probably just want to click through the link.

I'm going to start really taking inventory of what I have compared to the list and try to fill any holes (I think there is only one) and then quit shopping.  Hopefully this will get me back on track with the extra shopping for things not on the list.  Obviously, this is an essential list so I think it is good to throw in a few pops of colors or accessories, but hopefully in a much more thoughtful and restricted way.  I think my husband, closet, and wallet will thank me :)

Now for a hopefully inspiring outfit photo for the Texas Rangers -I'm dead tired after the game last night but I sure hope they bring home the title this evening.  GO RANGERS!!!

Outfit breakdown (Rangers edition - red and blue are the team colors):
Cardigan, Gap, $13 (not sure because it was on sale and I used a Groupon)
Red Tank, New York and Co, $?  (no idea, I have had it for three or four years now)
Jeans, Lands' End Canvas, $20
Boots, Sonoma, gift
Necklace, Coldwater Creek, free with gift card from market research
Watch, Armitron, Kohls, $30


Conversation #113: Sassy Engineer, where art thou?

I'll be honest - I have been avoiding the blog.  I have a shopping problem, and I didn't want to share that I have fallen down a bit in this retail detox thing.  I'll save the real post for tomorrow, but this is the start of week 6 and it has been a little up and down for me.  I'm so proud of the other ladies that have held strong though!  I was doing well to at least only buy things on ebay that I had money for because I had sold things on ebay.  It was at least a step in the right direction for me because I apparently can't quit cold turkey.  However, yesterday night while watching the Rangers win (woohoo!) I caved to the Lands' End Canvas sale.  Maybe none of it will fit so it will be easy to return!  Then I really need to buckle down - I blame it on my husband.  He had a birthday yesterday and I shopped for him and got back into the online shopping world too soon!

Anyway, I'll do my official update tomorrow, but I decided to start following this outfit inspiration blog (Fab Finds under $50) to keep me on track again with using clothes I already own.  I think being an engineer sometimes filters into all aspects of my life because I love structure (that would be even funnier if I were a structural engineer, I'm a nerd, sorry).  I found this blog (check it out!) through a chain of other blogs, and I love that she has all of these calendars for inspiration so I can be creative but have some guidance.

Today was Mustard & Navy - I was happy to do to this because I love these two colors together.  I opted for the oufit below (please excuse my hair, we had 93% humidity this morning):

Outfit breakdown:
Navy Jacket, LOFT, thrifted, $10
Mustard Lace Trim Tank (just peaking out at the top and bottom), Coldwater Creek, $12 (I think)
Khaki pants, Gap, $12
Suede Navy Flats, Lands' End, $10
Mustard & cognac leather tote, Halogen, $48

I realize that $48 isn't cheap, but for a leather tote that is pretty good.  I have been a lover of purses since I was born (I have pictures of me with them draped around my neck as a baby/toddler), and I used to go with quantity not quality.  Well, over the years I have shifted to spending a bit more on leather bags that will last me for years versus cheap ones for months.  It is amazing how many less bags I own, but I love them all.

Also, I realize I will never be a full on fashion blogger.  I don't have the time or energy to take awesome pictures, but now that the weather is cooler and my backyard isn't quite as out of control, I will try to take more outside pictures again with better lighting.  I just like to use this little space to stretch my creativity with my fashion, and hopefully without spending too much money!  I really do have other things I want to blog about these days also, but I forget to take pictures and then that makes for a boring blog post.  I'll try to be better about throwing in some other fun things too!  Hope everyone is having a good evening, and GO RANGERS!!!  (that is the world series for my non sports readers)


Conversation #112: 100 Day Challenge week 3 update

So I took a little break this week from blogging much just because it has been CRAZY!  We actually went out of town last Thursday night and got back in late Monday night.  I have been playing catch up ever since, and so the blog is usually the first to go.  Anyway, we took a long weekend trip to Richmond and then up to D.C.  It was awesome (although chilly), and I will post pictures this weekend I hope.

In the meantime, this is my update on the Detox challenge.  Last week (before Monday) was a pretty good week for me.  I actually returned something I bought with my "already used money" so I still have that on the table.  I also even returned the sweater dress I bought the week before.  I had pined over it for a while, but after trying it on, it wasn't love and wasn't worth the break in the Detox.  I'll already confess that I used my "already used before detox" money this week, but it was after Monday so I'll wait to update on that for next week.  I'm pretty week, but I am seeing small changes so hopefully by the end of this thing I will really be viewing shopping differently!

Here is a somewhat boring outfit from the week.  I think I am just sort of getting sick of my summer clothes.  Fall, I long for you!

Outfit breakdown:
Cardi, Talbots, $17
Dress, Lands' End Canvas, $20 (I think)
Necklace, Coldwater Creek, $Free - had gift card from market research activity
Shoes, J. Crew, $16
Leather Bag, The Sak, $70 (my splurge)

Anyone of my followers out there decided to try this yet?  Let me know and check out the other detoxers here.