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Conversation #197: No longer just a wife, but also a mother

So I didn’t mean to quit blogging for so long, but during the last weeks of pregnancy life seemed to be on fast forward.  Not only were we in full on nesting mode trying to get the house renos mostly done, but I was also busy trying to get work things taken care of as well.  Plus, I was hot and tired so blogging was not a priority.
However, our sweet boy is now already 4 weeks old, and I want to record his birth story so I don’t forget.  I am not sure if this will get long, but bear with me if you want to know how it all went down.
A couple of months ago the hubby and I took our childbirth classes.  Before going to the class, we were both pretty certain I would be getting an epidural.  I didn’t want a c-section, but no way did I think I could handle the pain.  Well during the class we did a relaxation time and I just focused on Jesus.  It was during this time and the remainder of the class (learning about all of the birth options) that I felt God leading me to a natural childbirth.  W…

Conversation #196: So long Google Reader...and random other thoughts

Nothing new - we all know Google Reader is about to be laid to rest, which I admit, makes me so sad.  It was easy and simple, and the app worked. I tried Feedly for a while and decided I didn't like (I mean I have used it for months now) so today I just decided to go ahead and jump on the Bloglovin train and I at least like the mobile app better.  However does anyone know how to get it to sort from oldest to newest?  Admittedly, I have spent 3.4 seconds on it, but I thought I would ask.  I'll look around more.  Anyway, follow me there these days :)

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Okay, so here are a few random thoughts from the week (I am too lazy to officially link up with anyone today so you just get a little brain dump instead):

1. I know you are all dying to see my latest pregnancy fashion concoctions, and I didn't have time to make it for WIWW this last week so here they are for you now (along with my 30 week picture which we hit today!)

Outfit breakdown: Dress, Old Navy…

Conversation #195: WIWW at The Pleated Poppy

So I haven't linked up for a while to What I Wore Wednesday, but I thought it might be fun to this week.  I don't have many pictures, and it sure is getting harder to get dressed in the morning between my burgeoning belly and the heat.  I fear I may be dressing inappropriately by the end of the summer, but my coworkers better just be glad I have clothes on at all!  Here are just two looks from this last week:

Outfit breakdown: Liz Lange Target Maternity Tee, $10 Old Navy skirt, borrowed Sandals, American Eagle, $? I think they may have been around $20 (they are old)
Outfit breakdown: Top, Motherhood Maternity, Borrowed Pants, Gap Maternity, $15 Sandals, J.Crew via ebay, $7 (I think)
Now go check out all of the outfits from the the other lovely ladies for this last week!

Conversation #194: A quick idea

So I have wanted a barrister’s bookcase for ages and we finally got offered one for FREE!  Of course I took it, but didn’t really know where to put it in our new house.  Well, the husband and I had a brilliant idea (I will give him some credit).  We put it in this little nook in our bedroom across from my dresser and I filled it with shoes – I LOVE IT! Don’t you kind of wish you had one too?  (The top part is a little secretary desk so I can hide books and bills and magazines in there)

Conversation #193: Life is on lightning speed!

Wow - I am so sorry! I did not plan on waiting 2 months to update y'all on life.  Really, I keep going back and forth on trying to keep a blog going or just throwing in the towel.  If I had more free time, I would be all over it, but I just feel like I have so much going on that I have to do that it is hard to find time do things I would like to do.  Between working full time, house projects, growing a human, and then the other things that come up in life, writing a post just falls way to the bottom.

Anyway, I did decide that today I wanted to take a few minutes to at least update about my pregnancy for my own sake if nothing else. Now I had every intention on taking a picture every week in the  same outfit for fun to watch my belly grow, but that has just been hard to do at home with the hubs.  Most times when I think about it I am too tired or in the middle of a project to take the time to stop and change.  However, we do still have some so I will post those whatever day I decid…

Conversation #192: Can you guess?

I am so so so sorry I told you I would have a surprise for you on Monday and didn't follow through.  It isn't because I didn't want to.  My job has been CRAZY for the last few months, and right now it goes up and down with plan submittals and revisions.  Therefore pretend today is Monday.  Although I am glad it isn't because I really would like to be enjoying the weekend!

So I wanted to share my Easter outfit with you just for fun.  I know there was a link-up for it on a lot of blogs, but clearly I missed that!

So it was pretty simple, but I am loving mixing my jean jacket into outfits right now.  However, I know the heat is coming so I actually ordered a jean jacket vest to throw over dresses in the summer for a little warmth in the A/C and also to add some layers without adding a lot of bulk.  It was actually pretty nice on Easter (I totally wore my outfit again to work on Monday - I like to wear Sunday church outfits on Monday - it is an easy way to not think much o…

Conversation #191: He is MY King

Sorry for the radio silence - we have had a lot going on but I have some news to share with you on Monday so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I wanted to share this video our pastor shared at church recently.  It gave me goose bumps.  As our pastor said on Sunday, some of Jesus' last words were "It is finished." (John 19:30).  However, it was finished, but it wasn't over.  Today it was finished, but Sunday was coming, and it wasn't over.  He rose!  He redeems!  He reigns!  And I am so glad because He loves me, redeems, me and saves me everyday!!!  I really don't know how people get through one day without Him.  Watch the video - it gave me goosebumps and smiles and JOY.  I hope He is your King, and if not, He can be and WANTS to be - He desires it!!!!!!!

Conversation #190: Build 'Em Up

I was so excited when I read about this new blog link-up happening.  I love Erin and Kelly's blogs, and I love the idea of women building each other up.  There is so much negative and sadness in this world and that just gets me down some days.  So let's build each other up and encourage each other!  I invite you to take part!
The topic this week is "Bringing Faith to Life."  If you had asked me to write about this a year or two ago, I would have written such a different pose.  God has opened my eyes and revealed so much of His truth to me over the last couple of years that my Faith has just grown and changed so much in such a good way.

If you are a long time reader, I shared some of my faith story a while back, but I will give a brief overview real quick. I grew up in a Christian home, became a believer and was baptized in August 1999 (between 8th grade and my freshman year), and then tried to live life following a bunch of "rules" that were probably noble …

Covnersation #189: Does anyone else feel unsettled?

Maybe it's politics.  Maybe it's the weather.  Maybe it is the amount of stuff going on in my life.  Maybe it's the fact that I let work overtake me again this week and stopped actively abiding in Christ.  Okay, that last thing is the real reason, because that other stuff wouldn't get to me otherwise.  I just feel unsettled right now.  Like I am forgetting something or not worrying about something.  I mean you have a sickness when you worry about not worrying -  I know this.  I just feel like something is amiss, but really that just means I need to go back to God.

I stopped reading much about politics and issues facing the country (or listening to stuff about it) because God really just hit me with the fact at the end of the year that I have NO control over it.  Not that I ever do, but the decisions made in D.C. will be made regardless of my wishes at this point.  There is no election on the horizon, there is no avenue for change.  Living in Texas (which is great and I…

Conversation #188: A Downton must see

ALERT: sort of spoilers if you still haven't watched season 3 Downton finale!!!

We all know Downton Abbey is the hot show these days.  It is funny because I actually consider myself having just been on the brink of it's major popularity explosion.  This doesn't happen often.  We do watch a lot of TV (probably too much) so we find a lot of new shows and share them with our family.  This was one of them, but we were actually informed about this show from another friend first (who also recommends great TV).  He told us about it after the first season ended so we caught it after the fact but before the second season started and we were hooked.  It was so hard to wait each week to watch the new episodes when we had been able to knock out the first season in a couple of days.  Like I said, we were hooked.

Anyway, this season was just so happy and sad all at the same time.  I kept trying to guess what the tragedy would be in the last episode.  Mary also dying in childbirth - nope…