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Conversation #183: Silence

Conversation #182: Sadness

I really have no words.  I have no children yet so I can't even come close to knowing what it would feel like to lose my baby, my child.  I also have no way to even begin to understand how someone can shoot anyone, but especially children, basically point blank.  Only someone that is very disturbed.  There is no way to explain it.  I don't even know the proper response to most of this other than I am praying and will continue to pray for those hurt and wounded by this horrible act.  All I can do in any situation is to turn to God, my Father, for peace, love and comfort.  I truly don't know how people make it through a day in this fallen world without Him.

First, I want to share this link from Melanie's blog, Big Mama - it is touching, perfectly said.  Read it here.

Also, if you feel unsure or are questioning why God would allow this, read THIS.  The only thing that helps me understand these tragedies and find any sort of peace or comfort is because I know God works thr…

Conversation #181: 7 Quick Takes

I am back with 7 Quick Takes again this week - I kind of enjoyed last Friday.  Check out Jen's and the others here.

1. I have to share this - if you have a heart, I warn you, it might make you cry!  This was a story I saw when reading my daily Cultural Commentary post - check out the full story here.  Basically, this young boy has cerebral palsy and is on his school's wrestling team.  He finally got his chance to wrestle a very kind-hearted young man and this is the video, but seriously ready the story because I think it will encourage you!

2. So I sang the song this week "Reunited and it feels so good" my skillet.  Yep, I have been attempting to "cook" in our kitchen with only a stockpot for about the last 4 weeks or so.  I hadn't been able to locate the rest of our cookware, but I finally did this week and made stir-fry for real.  It was awesome!

3.  I am tired of getting headaches everyday.  Trying to get pregnant means I need to go off some of …

Conversation #180: Babies

If you are following along with Misty's Christmas Link-up party, then you may know that my 6th post ever on this blog was a conversation about babies and how I was so not ready for one.  Check it all out here!

Well, my how things have changed in a couple of years (well not quite two).  Now I am longing for a baby like crazy - I want nothing more than to be pregnant!  See, I told everyone eventually I would be ready to not be ready.  I know once a baby comes, I will be freaked out and wonder how I will care for that little life, but I am so ready for that.

You see, back a couple of years ago my husband was still in law school, and A LOT has changed since then.  He graduated, passed the bar, started and now runs a successful solo practice, I took the PE exam and passed, got a promotion, and we moved to a bigger house ready to fill with kids!  God has been so good and gracious and blessed us so much over the last couple of years - none of the above would have been possible without Hi…

Conversation #179: What I Wore Wednesday

*I discovered my problems with posting pictures were due to the fact I was using Google Chrome - seems weird that all Google products weren't playing nice together.  Oh well! So I decided to link-up today with the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday - this is my first time.  I'm not a stay-at-home mom, but I think I am still allowed to link-up.  A while back I realized that I was becoming very lazy in my dressing for work because I work at a city where most people just don't care what they look like.  That sounds bad - I work with great people, but most are over 50 and either the men have no clue or the women are going through menopause and where knit pants and shirts everyday that sort of look like pajamas in my opinion.  Now I don't have a banner day everyday, but I realized I was pretty much wearing khakis and a polo shirt everyday for a while so I started trying to challenge myself to dress better - it makes me feel better and I think presents a more profession…

Conversation #178: A Link-Up

Misty over at Across and Down a Little decided to host a fun Christmas link-up party where we count-up to Christmas by linking back to our very first posts ever.  Technically I had a blog before this one that grew to be bigger (not huge, I think I had like 140 followers), but then I became bitter over a blogging thing so I took a break for a while.  I started anew with this one, but it has been almost two years (okay a few months shy) since I started this one so it actually was fun to go back and look at where it began.  You can always scroll over to the side and check-out my archives, but make sure and head here so you can see mine and others first posts.

I would love to add a picture here for you, but Blogger and Google Chrome don't play nice apparently on my computer so I need to go back to use LiveWriter I think to make this all work.  Anyone else having these problems with uploading pictures?