Conversation #52: The Sing-Off is BACK!

I realize most of you may not be near as excited as I am, but having grown up in the Church of Christ, surrounded by acapella music, a music competition that features it just completely wins over my heart.  You can’t fake it when there are no instruments to cover it up!

I loved some of the competitors last year, but this year is really bringing the talent.  They are all so amazing.  Here are just a few of my faves so far:

(P.S. It is on Mondays and Wednesdays on NBC if you want to check it out)

This is my season favorite so far – it is AWESOME:

I also really enjoyed this one:

A super talented group with a jazzy feel, but their harmonies are amazing:

Only my favorite song of the year I think:

And finally, The Backbeats – they are pretty great too!

You should really check out the show – I just can’t wait for the new episodes each week.  It is seriously that good (in my opinion anyway).

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chelsey said...

these are awesome! i miss our choir days! :)

do you get the hubs to watch this with you, or does he think he's cooler than you?