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Conversation #185: 7 Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 204)

I am enjoying the 7 Quick Takes on Fridays.  It seems to be an easy way to motivate me to blog in the midst of my crazy busy life.  We are really blowing and going on the house right now, so things should be slowing down soon.

Check out all of the other contributors over at Jennifer's blog.

1. Today Jennifer talks about the March for Life and abortion.  I read an article she wrote, and I have to say that I agree with her final conclusion on why anyone supports abortion.  I have to say that it is something I just don't get.  I haven't even had the blessing of a little baby in my life yet, but seeing my niece and nephews grow is enough.  Really even watching my friends' children is enough to be pro-life.  Really, Christ is what makes me pro-life.  I had a friend that gave birth to her first little girl at 25 weeks - she was really early and so little (and is now a thriving toddler), but I remember seeing her in the NICU and just wondering how anyone could see a little baby like that and deny God and support abortion.  

Anyway, Jennifer explains her journey from pro-choice to pro-life, and I think her conclusion is spot on.  We have devalued human life in our culture - I don't know why, but unless that changes, abortions will continue.  Check out the article she wrote here.

I am not Catholic - non denominational, just FYI.  I don't know if that matters.

2.  Tomorrow is my 28th birthday.  I am not afraid of being 28, I sort of like getting older these days, but it does sound weird for some reason.  I can say that I do feel like I starting noticing things that hurt more or don't bounce back as well, and that scares me.  The act of getting older (the number) doesn't scare me.  I am mostly just afraid of aging in the fact that I know someday I won't be able to physically do what my mind can and wants to do, and that worries me.  Does that make sense?

3.  Along with my birthday, my parents are coming to visit and I always love seeing them!  It will be great!

4. I meant to take a picture of our new kitchen back splash to share before and afters, but I keep forgetting.  We did finally get a new camera though with a wide angle lens so I should be able to take better interior pictures of our older house.  It is so hard to gain perspective with my little point & shoot.

5. I hate caulk.  Well I like the purpose of caulk, but I hate applying it.  It is messy and leaves my fingers sticky.  However, I like that it waterproofs and protects from yucky things like mold so I guess that is good.

6. I am running out of things to share.  That is weird for me.  Must be the multiple nights of staying up too late working on the house.

7. See number 6 - have an awesome weekend.  I can't wait to enjoy our mild weather.  January in Texas is always a mild tease and then February gets super cold again.  That's okay - I will take 60 degree weather on my bday!


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