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Conversation #186: Still alive!

So basically my life has been CARAZY the last few weeks.  We have a ton going on, and we have had lots of visitors over to the house on the weekends, which is great motivation to keep moving forward on projects!  We have finished the kitchen backsplash  installed almost all of the trim (needs to still be painted), finished the built-ins, finally made new curtains, painted and set-up the guest room, and lots of caulking (we still have more to do).

I keep thinking we are almost done, but then I walk around each room and realize, "oh, we still need to caulk that, paint that, clean that, unpack that, put up curtains (make curtains first), add closet doors, patch that, and seal that."  It seems a bit never-ending, but it is also nice when we can just stop and have a relax night like we did last night.

So I have about 12 outfits to share, but I decided to bombard you with those tomorrow.  I do still get dressed most days :) Instead, I decided I would share my thoughts on a couple of movies we have seen recently.

First, Silver Linings Playbook.  I am not one of those people that tries to see all pictures nominated for Best Picture before the Oscars.  Honestly, I usually only like one or two of them anyway.  However, I LOVED this movie.  I thought it was really balanced between be honest/real but also had hope and happiness.  I call it a dark romantic comedy.  Definitely not a typical RomCom, but I laughed and teared up and was entertained.  This was actually our date for Valentine's Day, and I thought it was a great choice.

Next, Pitch Perfect.  I have to admit, I judged this movie from the outset and never planned to see it.  I thought it looked so stupid, but lately people have talked about how good and funny it was, and if a movie gets over 7.0 on IMDB, I consider it view worthy.  We watched it last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  As good as Silver Linings Playbook, no.  Not the same type of movie, but once I learned it was about acapella music - I was sold.  I grew up in the Church of Christ, so I have a HUGE appreciation and love for acapella music.  The Sing-Off is/was my favorite reality TV show ever (especially in the music genre).  May it in RIP - or NBC could just bring it back if they have half a brain.  Also, growing up a choir kid, I respect talent.  Singing acapella is much harder than many think.  You can hide a lot in instrumentation and effects that just aren't there in acapella music.  Therefore, I loved the movie and just wanted them to keep singing awesome arrangements.  WAY better than Glee - which just got weird for me.

We also saw ARGO a while back.  Go see it.  LOVE IT.  So good - so riveting - so informative.  I wasn't alive during the Iran hostage crisis so it was pretty much all news to me.  I knew of it vaguely, but this was well done.  The Oscars kind of messed up I think not giving it more cred.

I know I have seen some other movies lately, but I can't really remember right now.  I don't think I get enough sleep and work has been insane.  Hopefully that will be changing soon.  Anyway, I wanted to pop-in and say hi.  I'll have more updates soon!


Stori Wann said…
I can relate to crazy! I want to see pictures :). Also, thanks for the movie tips. We almost never watch movies unless someone else recommends them!

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