Conversation #48: Show Us Your Life – Guest Room

So I’m back this week with Show Us Your Life.  Last week was nurseries/kids rooms, and I don’t have any yet.  I also don’t have any thoughts or ideas for those rooms yet.  I guess that shows you how close to having kids we are.  Someday, but not quite today I guess.

I also missed offices, but I’ll do a catch up post later.  I have to say that my picture today is pretty uninspiring.  I have this problem of taking pictures and then not downloading them to my computer.  Basically, this is one picture of the guest room and you can’t see all of it, but you’ll get the point.

I wanted something light and relaxing in here.  I went with the brown and blue because I have liked that trend in colors, but I keep waffling on whether or not I want to add a pop of color in there.  I’m thinking maybe an orangey red, but I’m not sure.  For now here it is:


So that’s it for this week.  I really should take more and better pictures to add to this.  I actually made a brown and blue roman shade for each window out of the old curtains.  However, the brown one you can see needs a little extra help.  The blue shade is to the left of the bed.  The chair to the right is stationed at my sewing desk.  We got the chair on craigslist and the bed on craigslist (the bedding I had).  The wicker trunk was on my neighbor’s curb.  I haven’t done anything to it yet, but I think I may eventually paint it.  I also have a bench my husband made sitting in the bottom right corner.  I use it as a console table.  It has a TV and some decor on it.  I’ll try to post better pictures one of these days.  I think this is probably my one room that is constantly changing because I’ll switch out older furniture when I acquire newer pieces.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed!  Not much today but it is a pretty small room anyhow.

Have a great weekend!

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