Conversation #72: There's creativity and there's creativity

I think most of you know by now that I'm an engineer (still in training, I have to wait until December to apply to take the PE exam, but let's not talk about that - it kind of freaks me out).  Engineers are not generally considered creative, which I actually find sort of funny.  If you think about it, engineers have to be creative because we have to come up with solutions to problems, but I guess when it comes to artsy creative they tend to be lacking.

I sort of think I fall in the middle.  I love creating and making things, but I'm sure I do it in an engineer/analytical sort of way.  Take quilting, for example, it is really about geometry in the basic sense.  You can take different basics shapes, and make endless quilts by changing up the fabric or the layout just slightly.  I love that.

Anyway, I guess most of my colleagues still fall in the "not so creative" camp.  I had to create a sponsorship sign for a conference at the end of this week for my boss.  It was given to me last minute and I'm no graphic designer, but the main point was just to get the names of the companies onto a banner and print it out.  So I went to each company website, captured their logo, and inserted it into a template from another sign being used for the conference.  I arranged them in alphabetical order, and done.  Apparently, this is pretty creative for engineers.  I wished I had more time to make it cooler (even though "graphic designer" is not in my title), but apparently doing what I sort of assumed was expected was being "very creative" according to the email.  I'll take what I can get!

On a side note, I also find it odd that some of these companies that provide very technical services have very lacking websites.  Maybe that is that creative thing again...

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