Conversation #113: Sassy Engineer, where art thou?

I'll be honest - I have been avoiding the blog.  I have a shopping problem, and I didn't want to share that I have fallen down a bit in this retail detox thing.  I'll save the real post for tomorrow, but this is the start of week 6 and it has been a little up and down for me.  I'm so proud of the other ladies that have held strong though!  I was doing well to at least only buy things on ebay that I had money for because I had sold things on ebay.  It was at least a step in the right direction for me because I apparently can't quit cold turkey.  However, yesterday night while watching the Rangers win (woohoo!) I caved to the Lands' End Canvas sale.  Maybe none of it will fit so it will be easy to return!  Then I really need to buckle down - I blame it on my husband.  He had a birthday yesterday and I shopped for him and got back into the online shopping world too soon!

Anyway, I'll do my official update tomorrow, but I decided to start following this outfit inspiration blog (Fab Finds under $50) to keep me on track again with using clothes I already own.  I think being an engineer sometimes filters into all aspects of my life because I love structure (that would be even funnier if I were a structural engineer, I'm a nerd, sorry).  I found this blog (check it out!) through a chain of other blogs, and I love that she has all of these calendars for inspiration so I can be creative but have some guidance.

Today was Mustard & Navy - I was happy to do to this because I love these two colors together.  I opted for the oufit below (please excuse my hair, we had 93% humidity this morning):

Outfit breakdown:
Navy Jacket, LOFT, thrifted, $10
Mustard Lace Trim Tank (just peaking out at the top and bottom), Coldwater Creek, $12 (I think)
Khaki pants, Gap, $12
Suede Navy Flats, Lands' End, $10
Mustard & cognac leather tote, Halogen, $48

I realize that $48 isn't cheap, but for a leather tote that is pretty good.  I have been a lover of purses since I was born (I have pictures of me with them draped around my neck as a baby/toddler), and I used to go with quantity not quality.  Well, over the years I have shifted to spending a bit more on leather bags that will last me for years versus cheap ones for months.  It is amazing how many less bags I own, but I love them all.

Also, I realize I will never be a full on fashion blogger.  I don't have the time or energy to take awesome pictures, but now that the weather is cooler and my backyard isn't quite as out of control, I will try to take more outside pictures again with better lighting.  I just like to use this little space to stretch my creativity with my fashion, and hopefully without spending too much money!  I really do have other things I want to blog about these days also, but I forget to take pictures and then that makes for a boring blog post.  I'll try to be better about throwing in some other fun things too!  Hope everyone is having a good evening, and GO RANGERS!!!  (that is the world series for my non sports readers)

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