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Conversation #157: Show Us Your Life

Howdy - happy Friday!

So I have a lot of blog ideas, but haven't sat down to really write them yet so today I decided I wanted to participate in Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" series.  I have done it before, and it is pretty fun!

Today is Living Rooms.

Mine isn't to fancy, but I like it that way.  I like visitors to feel like they are at "home."  I want it to be cozy, comfy, and inviting.  I also love have a mixture of books and objects on our shelves.  Here are a few pictures to enjoy:

 This is an overall view of the living room.  I hate blocking windows, but after 5 years, we have learned this really is the best set-up for our living room.  Plus, the little loveseat doesn't block too much of the huge window so we still can see out just fine.  I decided before we got married to do a red, brown, cream color scheme in our living room.  I love that it is warm and cozy, but not too neutral either (I love color).  Therefore, we kept this color scheme even after we moved into our house. The color on the walls is a very pale beige (I say it is creamer with a little coffee mixed in!)  I probably would have put a slightly darker color on the wall, but we were trying to keep the room open and light with our darker furniture.

It is funny because this couch and loveseat are the only two NEW pieces of furniture we have ever bought (other than our mattress).  I love them though :)

  Here is a picture of couch/pillows and artwork.  I got that little coffee table for $5 at a garage sale.  It is solid wood (which I hate painting wood), but my husband doesn't believe in area rugs and I didn't want a wood table on the wood floor - it needed more contrast.  I was so excited when I found it because our living room isn't huge so we did need a scale appropriate table.  I also love my pillows.  I have recovered them probably 5 times by now, but I think the current fabric is my favorite ever.  Cozy but more sophisticated.

Here is a view looking back from the door/hallway you see in the next picture.  It just shows the layout of the room a bit and our front door.

 This view is just to show our "built-ins" better.  They aren't really built-in because they aren't attached to the wall.  We originally intended to, but it didn't work out.  However, we don't plan on taking it with us or anything - it is all attached together.  The handy husband and I designed and built this together.  We are pretty proud of it.  It was a big project it and I just love it!  We didn't have a fireplace in our house so we bought a nice "fake" fireplace on craigslist that came with this beautiful mantle and then designed the piece around it so it would look like it all went together.

These are just a couple of close-ups of all the books and pictures on either side of the TV/fireplace.

Lastly, this is a little nook in our living room that we made the office.  If there is an office day on SUYL, then you'll see this again (and maybe more picked up), but I figure this is real life.  The desk catches a lot of stuff throughout the week.  This is supposed to be the dining room, but we have an eat-in kitchen and need office space more.  The husband made this furniture too, and we aren't sure if it will stay or move with us.  I am just so glad I have a handy husband - I didn't know that when I married him!

Hope you enjoyed a little tour of my simple living room.  Check out all of the others at the link above!


Shoshanah said…
Pretty much the only new furniture item we've bought in our house if our couch as well. I'd love to someday be able to upgrade most if not all of our current hand-me-down furniture, but for now I guess it works.
What a great purchase for $5! And I love the red couch.
You're home is beautifully decorated. The mix of colors and textures is wonderful.
You've done an amazing job!
Natasha said…
My desk also catches a lot of stuff every day!
Anonymous said…
Looks like such a comfy place to lounge.....and, can I just say I love the title of your blog! :) New follower.

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