Conversation #196: So long Google Reader...and random other thoughts

Nothing new - we all know Google Reader is about to be laid to rest, which I admit, makes me so sad.  It was easy and simple, and the app worked. I tried Feedly for a while and decided I didn't like (I mean I have used it for months now) so today I just decided to go ahead and jump on the Bloglovin train and I at least like the mobile app better.  However does anyone know how to get it to sort from oldest to newest?  Admittedly, I have spent 3.4 seconds on it, but I thought I would ask.  I'll look around more.  Anyway, follow me there these days :)

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Okay, so here are a few random thoughts from the week (I am too lazy to officially link up with anyone today so you just get a little brain dump instead):

1. I know you are all dying to see my latest pregnancy fashion concoctions, and I didn't have time to make it for WIWW this last week so here they are for you now (along with my 30 week picture which we hit today!)

Outfit breakdown: Dress, Old Navy (non maternity)
Necklace: ?, Forever 21 maybe
Belt: American Eagle Outfitters
Sandals: American Eagle Outfitters

Outfit breakdown: 
Top, J.Jill, non maternity
Skirt, Target, non maternity
Sandals, Lands' End Canvas

Outfit breakdown:
Top, Oh Baby, borrowed from sis
Jeans (I decided colored jeans don't count as jeans so I wear them whenever at work), Gap Maternity
Sandals, American Eagle Oufitters

Outfit breakdown:
Top, Destination Maternity, borrowed from sis
Skirt, LOFT non maternity
Sandals, Lands' End Canvas

2.  Baby update: I had an appointment this week and all looks well.  Our little boy is growing well (maybe a little too well; he has a big head and I'm not sure how I feel about pushing that out).  However, I am so excited for him and glad that my placenta moved up so that isn't a worry anymore.  God has just been so good and taking care of us.  I didn't even gain weight in the last two weeks, which blows my mind because we took a baby-moon and ate, a lot.  I know you are supposed to gain a pound a week, but since the little guy is already measuring a bit ahead, I am thinking it is OK I didn't gain.  I am not crazy about how much weight I gain, I just don't want to gain an unhealthy amount and so far I seem to be on track.

3.  I had to go back to the dermatologist this last week to have a little mole re-removed.  The path report came back abnormal the first time (not cancer, but abnormal) and so I had to watch to see if pigment came back.  It did.  I hear this if fairly normal when they do just a scrape biopsy so this time they had to cut out more and I got stitches - only two.  That's okay.  I would rather have little scars all over to prevent cancer than a huge excision later on because something grew.  Besides, the last time I had a big chunk removed was in 8th grade and it was awful.  The numbing shots BURNED so badly and I know I was screaming/crying loud enough for the waiting room to hear.  Luckily I have toughened up a bit.  That was also bigger, but still.

4.  The crepe myrtles started blooming around here in the last couple of weeks and I just love the pop of color they bring to the neighborhoods.  We have one in our front yard and one in our back (the pink one below) and they just brighten the yard up.  Now, I hate these trees if you have to park under them because they sap like crazy.  However, having them in the middle of my yard or along the alley - yes please!

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