Conversation #193: Life is on lightning speed!

Wow - I am so sorry! I did not plan on waiting 2 months to update y'all on life.  Really, I keep going back and forth on trying to keep a blog going or just throwing in the towel.  If I had more free time, I would be all over it, but I just feel like I have so much going on that I have to do that it is hard to find time do things I would like to do.  Between working full time, house projects, growing a human, and then the other things that come up in life, writing a post just falls way to the bottom.

Anyway, I did decide that today I wanted to take a few minutes to at least update about my pregnancy for my own sake if nothing else. Now I had every intention on taking a picture every week in the  same outfit for fun to watch my belly grow, but that has just been hard to do at home with the hubs.  Most times when I think about it I am too tired or in the middle of a project to take the time to stop and change.  However, we do still have some so I will post those whatever day I decide to download them from the camera.  Thankfully, in the meantime, my office has a full length mirror in the bathroom so I do snap phone pics in there with more regularity so I have compiled those for you here.  It is kind of fun to watch the belly grow, and it totally amazes me.

Being the first time I have ever been pregnant, it is fun learning what that is like.  I have had many family and friends experience it, but every woman's experience itself is so different.  Some bullet points on my thoughts:

- Having extra saliva was a symptom I didn't know about, but really notice; I wake myself up drooling in my sleep all of the time (was that TMI?)
- My skin can be so itchy sometimes so I must hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
- I feel like I look huge.  I am measuring right on track and not out of whack on the weight gain, but I feel like my belly looks huge already!  I know everyone shows differently, and although I am pretty tall, I have a short torso (my height is in my legs) so there really isn't anywhere for baby to go but out I guess.
- Apparently I now snore like a lumberjack - sorry husband!
- Oh and we are having a BOY!!!!  We are beyond excited and I just can't wait to meet him; well I can wait the remaining 13 weeks because I want him to be fully cooked :)

Okay, there is a glimpse into my pregnant brain and here are some weekly pics for posterity sake:

8 weeks

9 almost 10 weeks (horrible bedroom pic)

13.5 weeks

15 weeks, 5 days

15 weeks, 6 days

16 weeks

16.5 weeks

17.5 weeks

18 weeks

18.5 weeks

20 weeks

20 weeks, 6 days

21.5 weeks

22 weeks

25 weeks

26 weeks

27 weeks


Stori Wann said...

You looks amazing!!! I so hope we can meet up in Dallas after your little boy comes. I would love to meet him!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Congratulations!! So cute!!