Conversation #29: Summer Fun Song of the Week

So summer is winding down with the start of school upon us, but it is still stinkin’ hot here.  When it gets this hot, I don’t want to do much but sit, move as little as possible, and catch any breeze I can (fan, air conditioning, wind, etc.)

Therefore, I decided we needed a “chill” song this week so I chose “Red Red Wine” by UB40.  I realize this song is a bit older, but I love UB40 and ‘80s music and reggae type songs.  When I here a song like this, it just helps me mellow and cool off.  Who knows why, but I love them!

Here are a couple of “bonus” reggae videos to really help you cool off and go to Jamaica in your mind and drink a pina colada (or maybe a margarita because I’m not a fan of the coconut).

This is Cas Haley from a few seasons ago on America’s Got Talent, and the hubby and I love him.  He is a great reggae artist so enjoy some more chill music (excuse the back story and all).  Anyhow, you should check out some more of him on YouTube.  We have even been able to see his show live, and that was quite the experience but really fun.

Okay, just one more: “Baby I Love Your Way” sung by Big Mountain.  Sorry, I remember listening to this when I was younger when I would hang out with my older sisters.  I love it too!

Don’t worry, I have never and will never smoke pot.  I just love the sound of reggae for some reason, and now I hope you do too!  Hopefully you are now in a more “chill” state of mind :)

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Cole said...

Ah, I haven't heard Red,Red Wine in YEARS!! Great song!