Conversation #26: Meet the Nomad

Blogging?  What’s that?  Oh how I miss being able to write everyday and interact with you lovely friends.  If life just would settle down, ha!

I was hoping to blog last night, but instead I drove in the driveway and the hunky law grad called me to say he sold our Goldwing.  Don’t worry, I was sort of hoping to hear that because we found a new bike that we really fell in love with.  Craigslist is just way too much of a temptation to my hubby!

We had wanted a newer and more reliable bike so that we could maybe take little day or weekend trips, and we were able to do that staying under budget!  I guess you can call it a little “after the bar exam treat.”

So we went from this:


(We do kind of miss the Goldwing “LC”  because it was our first bike!)

To this:

me and new cycle

new cycle 2

We took it on our maiden voyage tonight!

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Preppy 101 said...

Now you be careful!! Doesn't that just sound like a mom ;-) xoxo