Conversation #55: A Break from the Addiction

I think I might be addicted to online shopping.  I love getting a good deal so much that I just can’t ignore the sale emails, but I know that I don’t need anything these days.  I know better than to stop for the whole year, but I think I should at least be able to reign it in for a while.

This is kind of a resolution of mine, but I think I was afraid to talk about it the other day just in case I failed.  However, I need the accountability.  The only shopping I’m allowing this month is to use a gift card from Christmas.  Other than that, I’m putting myself on an online shopping hiatus for the month.

Another goal I hope to come out of this hiatus is a renewed passion for sewing.  I’m so afraid of failing and not doing a good job that I let myself stop my resurgence in sewing.  No more – I have patterns and even fabric that I need to put to use!  I promise to share my creations no matter how badly they turn out.

Well, now I’m off to enjoy a date night with the hubby! 


Jennifer said...

First, I am here to tell you that an online shopping addiction can definitely be cured! I am proof of it! I was so addicted a year ago, but I haven't bought any clothes other than 2 items at Target since this summer! That is huge for me! Bringing me to my second thing, I think it is my huge love of sewing that has brought me to this conclusion! I do buy fabric online, but I buy substantially less than when I was buying clothes. I have had some huge flops with learning, but I didn't blog them because I am so bad at blogging regularly. I have 3 items to blog at the moment, so be sure to check (they were successful though!:) Let me know if you need any tips or have any sewing questions! Good luck!!!

Delilahgirl said...

I really like honest your blog is! Online shopping is a huge draw because you feel like you are getting a "big" deal. However sometimes when I actually go to the store or the site I find that the product was either cheaper or more often than not cheaply made and not what I would have bought had I actually felt it in a store. This year I have vowed to be better about my bargain hunting. Looking forward to see how you do! Keep up the good works =)

Preppy 101 said...

Looking forward to your sewing creations! xoxo

Perfectly Imperfect said...

welcome to the budget train. it stinks :(

blog what you sew! i'm always interested in what people come up with!