Conversation #91: Summer Fun Song of the Week

I am so mad at myself that I haven't been doing this the last few weeks because I do have a long list of songs I want to share.  For today, this is a video from the show The Voice.  My hubby and I really enjoyed it, and I think all of the singers were much more talented than those on American Idol.  (Sorry if you love AI)

Anyway, Dia Frampton came in second and I was super happy because I loved her and Javier both so I'm glad they were 1 & 2.  I think this performance really sealed it for me on Dia.  She did a cover of Heartless by Kanye West, and I all I can say is AMAZING!

Enjoy and have a super weekend (and try to stay cool if you are experience the same 100 degree plus heat that I am)!

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