Conversation #94: The Frugality Lives On

Lately this blog seems to either be about my health goals or fashion (and maybe a fun song or two).  I guess for the most part that is attributed to the fact that the whole getting healthy thing and exercising has become a large part of my life, and then for some reason, I started reading a lot of fashion blogs.  I like fashion blogs.  They aren't really important or life changing, but they are fun and make me want to think of new ways to wear what I have.

However, they have also made me want to buy more.  Coupled with my weight loss and needing new clothes that fit, I think I may have gone a little overboard.  I have always been pretty good about the "one in, one out" rule, but now I was needing to maybe recover some costs of the new items.  Any of you who know me, know I love getting a good deal.  I typically only shop sales, and even if I "splurge" on something in my mind, it was still really on sale. 

I have found amazing deals this summer, but I have recently decided I needed to stop the shopping for a bit so I'm attempting to put myself back on a shopping ban.  I also know that I'm weak and will probably trip up, but I'm trying to lean on God to help me resist temptations.  Some days I have been really proud of myself for just deleting the emails full of great sales, others days I peruse and don't purchase, and still a couple of times I have purchased a small item.  I'm getting there.  I think a lot of it is the thrill of getting a good deal so I'm really trying to make myself say, "1. Do I need this?  2.  Do I love it more than other things I own?"  I'm getting better at it.

So he other day I was reading a magazine article about mini make-up makeovers, and it tempted me.  I love a "before & after" and one particular makeover snagged my attention.  I pretty much wear glasses 24/7 (okay really only 16/7) because between my allergies, birth control, and migraine meds my eyes are pretty dry.  I don't really mind.  My prescription is pretty light and I kind of like glasses as an accessory.  Sometimes I think I look better with them (personal preference).  I still plan to wear contacts occasionally, but this one article talked about glasses wearers choosing larger frames to open up around the eye more.  This is the part that caught my attention.

I have wanted to try larger frames, but I was a little afraid.  I still didn't want anything too overwhelming.  I decided to turn to my trusted contact source and now glasses source: Coastal Contacts (they have not paid me, do not know me, they have nothing to do with this post - I just like them and wanted to share).  I have purchased a pair of prescription sunglasses from them I love as well as my husband having a pair of regular glasses from them that he likes.  After doing some googling and searching, I learned that they were offering 10,000 free pairs of glasses starting yesterday morning.  I had picked out two pairs I liked, waited until yesterday, and I was able to score both for just shipping and handling and tax!  On top of that, I was able to use my FLEX spending account from work for it because it is a health item.  Now I'm just waiting for these two beauties to get here:
I think these fit the description of being a little larger than any of my current frames but not too overwhelming.  I hope they look okay on me!  I know I should see the eye doc every year, but I haven't found one I like down here and I can't always make it back home during business hours.  My eyes have been pretty stable (thank you God, I appreciate it!) so I wanted to take advantage of my current prescription before it expires.  Okay, that is all for now.

Anything you have found a great deal on that your little heart was desiring?

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