Conversation #122: I want to be content

I think I have fallen back down into the depths of "want."  All of the sale emails and such have just consumed my mind with "wants" that I don't need.  I haven't bought a ton lately, but I have spent too much time pouring over sale websites and such.  I'm kind of glad I'm feeling this way and sick of myself becasue that is usually when I decide to change!  I also let myself be a little bad this week with holiday goodies and exercising, and that is going to change too!

So in the meantime while I'm trying to better my mind, here are a few simple OOTD for you:
I love this vest!  Outfit breakdown:
Vest: H&M, $20 (more than I would normally spend, but I love it and I'm cheap)
Tee: Lands' End Canvas, $10
Cords: Lands' End Canvas, $17
Leather Shooties/Booties (not sure the difference): JCPenney, $25

I have no idea why, but I got this idea for a sweater paired with a short, floaty skirt and my leather shootie/booties, and then I found this at Old Navy so I decided it was meant to be!
Outfit breakdown:
Sweater: Gap Outlet, $15
Skirt: Old Navy, $11
Leather Shooties/Booties: JCPenney, $25

I have to say I'm a real leather snob.  I would rather hold out for leather shoes or a purse and know that it will last me close to forever.  Therefore, I have been spending more like $20-$50 on shoes to get  leather ones, but I still think that is a pretty good steal for leather.

Okay, that is all for now.  Here's to no more wanting!

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Jennifer said...

cute! I understand the "want" monster! He has been getting me lately too!