Conversation #123: Open to Interpretation

First, I apologize for two posts today.  The other one was supposed to post yesterday.  I wrote it during lunch, but it didn't post properly.  Oh well.


So I started reading Kayla's blog during her last wardrobe challenge, and I loved it.  I also loved when she and Amy and Erica started doing this series called Open to Interpretation.  I have no idea why, but I never thought of taking an outfit I saw in a catalog or a magazine and then recreating it or something like it with what I already own.  This has really helped me not only stretch my closet but also push me to try some new fashiony things (without going out to spend a ton of money).

Here is the photo inspiration (I just copied it from Kayla's blog):
And here is my interpretation:

Outfit breakdown:
Sweater - Old Navy, $8
Striped Shirt - LOFT (from the event last week), $20
Pink pants - JCPenney, Juniors section (don't tell Stacey and Clinton), $10
Leather Oxfords - J.Jill, $30

Mine is pretty close to just being a copy, but I wore pink pants instead of red because my red cords had a little problem in the washing machine last weekend so they are in need of repair.  I also didn't crop my pants because I had to work and it is chilly outside.  Also, I didn't wear heeled oxfords because mine are dark brown and my striped shirt is black and I cannot yet mix dark brown and black.  I can do cognac and black but that is about all.  Anyway, use the link above to click over to Kayla's blog to see all of the interpretations.  This was so fun, I hope we get to do it again!


Erica said...

Haha! Don't worry - I won't tell Stacy and Clinton, but I never would have guess that those pants were junior's. They look so good on you! Great outfit and thank for participating!

North Meets South

Tiffany said...

Those pink pants look great on you!! You nailed it! =)

LatteLove said...

I clicked over from the link-up! This outfit turned out really cute! I love the boots you chose.

Sarah in Indiana said...

I don't know how Stacy and Clinton could fault you for the Juniors pants. I think it's all about context and fit and you're rocking those pink pants.

Amy @ amy day to day said...

Cute! You practically had everything for this outfit!! Thanks for joining in!

Kayla said...

Next time I see Stacy and Clinton I will keep my mouth shut (if only! I would give an arm to be friends with them). I LOVE that your pants are pink! They're fantastic (and I totally still shop in the juniors section too. I love it).

Freckles in April

Jamie said...

Great job. It's right on!

Unpretentious Teacher said...

I love it! Beautiful!