Conversation #140: My life is not my own

I am honestly not sure if this is the right conversation # because I am posting from my phone, but that is what it said.  Anyway, this is short and sweet. My life belongs to the PE exam (professional engineer) until after April 13th.  I am literally trying to study with most every free minute I have. I have to pass this exam to move up in my field, and civil engineering is so broad that this exam covers a lot of material I haven't used since college 4 years ago. Transportation and Traffic engineering just doesn't have me sizing too many retention ponds or designing many skyscrapers. About 50% of the exam will be over my field and the rest I have to pull out of the recesses of my mind.

Hopefully I'll be able to post some, but if not, please know I will be back soon! I think our life will get much more exciting after this exam too.  I am trying to rest in God and His faithfulness for me to pass because He has brought me thus far, but I need to use the gifts He gave me and study too! I am still reading your blogs because it is a nice study break, but I am reserving my brain power to figure out these crazy practice problems versus coming up with blog content. Hope y'all understand. I love you all of you readers out there!!!

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