Conversation #139: I'm afraid! (It is the final day of the winter fashion challenge)

We made it through another challenge!  Like I mentioned in the beginning, I find these so fun and helps me put together clothing I never would have on my own.  Anyway, today the challenge was to do something you're afraid of when it comes to fashion.  Honestly, there are probably a lot of things I'm afraid of, but for some reason the first thing that jumped to mind was mixing brown and black.  I have long been an advocate that says you pick one or the other to incorporate into an outfit, but not both.  However, I saw a picture in the latest L.L. Bean Signature catalog that is similar to my outfit today and I liked it so I decided to try it. 

I still say that there are certain browns and blacks you shouldn't mix.  I'm not sure I would mix a darker brown than I used today with black, and I will always opposed navy blue and black together.  That is just a matter of principle!  However, I realized that I actually really like cognacs and milder browns next to black so today I just went for it: brown leather belt and brown leather boots with black!  I know, this is really earth shattering in the fashion world, but it got me to try something new.

Outfit breakdown:
Top, Lands' End, $10
Skirt, Lands' End Canvas, $20
Leather Belt, American Eagle Outfitters, $10
Leather Boots, Sonoma, seen a lot, gift (these aren't quite as dark as they appear in the picture)

I'm a little sad the challenge is over, but hopefully I'll still be able to dress myself next week!  As always, check out the other lovely ladies here.


Laura said...

Mixing black and brown scares me too! I wore a brown belt and black shoes yesterday and it was all I could think about!

You did a fabulous job though! Very cute :)

Sarah in Indiana said...

I'm a little loath to mix black and brown, too, but I think you did it successfully. Sort of a subtly safari look. Thanks for stopping by to help me combat my fear of the boots-skinny jean combo.

Kayla @ Freckles in April said...

I remember the first time I paired a brown belt with a gray skirt. I spent the whole day wondering if people were judging me. It is a weirdly scary color combo! You look great though!

Freckles in April