Conversation #138: How to wear a coat when it is 70 degrees outside...

Don't.  Today's challenge was "dress up a coat," but I couldn't put a coat on this morning - it was just too warm and spring like.  So instead, I decided to take a more casual, edgy jacket and dress it up for work.  I love this jacket and hadn't actually worn it out yet so I was glad to have an excuse to.  I even had meetings today so people other than my non-fashion coworkers got to see my clothes (although my lunch meeting wasn't really full of fashion forward people, it was with two guy friend engineers that were giving me pointers for studying for the PE exam).  Anyhow, here is my dressy jacket/coat:

Outfit breakdown:
Jacket, Gap, $20
Tee, Lands' End via Sears, $2
Black crepe pants, Talbots, $20
Broach, my grandma's
Black leather booties, JCPenney, $24

Nothing flashy, but I think I made it a little dressier.  I did have to remove said jacket more than once today due to the warmer weather.  Now go see the other cute, dressy coats here.


Faith said...

Very nice! I love that moto jacket, and the pin you've added to it! :)

sepatuholic said...

I love the Jacket!!!!