Conversation #156: A little spring spruce up

We have been working on a few projects around the house, and I am going to just share one little one today.  Our house is 57 years old and sometimes that means things were and will be old.  One of those "things" are the cabinets in our house.  I have cleaned and freshened up the kitchen cabinets quite a bit, but the poor bathroom cabinets didn't get much love when we moved in 5 years ago.  I did wipe them down, but they had years of paint and grime on them so I put down clear contact paper and went about my unpacking.  We did paint the outside of the cabinets when we got to bathroom updates, but those sad dark spaces behind the doors remained the same until last weekend!

I cleaned out all of the stuff we had accumulated over the last 5 years so I could throw away old stuff, organize, and really clean the cabinets:

They were gross, and I'm kind of embarrassed to show the befores.  However, I took out the contact paper, repainted the inside and put everything back with nice shelf liners.  I love storage containers for organizers too!

So much cleaner!  I love that I can easily take things out and put them back in.  I threw away full kitchen trash bag of old gunk.  I love having just what I like to use!  (I clearly have a nail polish issue, but I really do use them all and they are a cheap way to change up the outfit). 

What Spring cleaning have you done lately?

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Holly said...

So much cleaner! We need to do that to EVERY cabinet in our house!