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Conversation #154: I love butter!

Let's be a bit lighter today...what do you say?

Okay, I do love butter (but try to keep it to a minimum), but today I love Lip Butter by Revlon (this is not a sponsored post - this lil' ol' blog is purely full of my opinions!)

I have always struggled to find a lip color that I liked, stayed on somewhat well, and didn't dry out my already naturally parched lips.  I hate the feeling of gloss (like the look), and most lipsticks just made my lips hurt because they were so drying.  I saw an ad with the lovely Emma Stone for the new lip butter awhile back, and I bought some as soon as hit the shelves at my local drug store, and I am in LOVE!

I started wearing just chapstick everyday, but then one day I realized that my fair coloring continued into my lips and that I looked a little sickly without color on them.  Adding a little color just made my whole self feel better, but I dreaded it because of the reasons mentioned above.  Not anymore!  This stuff feels like chapstick to me.  It also stays on pretty well too (I touch up after eating a meal, but otherwise it doesn't wear off too quickly).

I also love the colors (I have a third brighter pink at home, and I'm trying to resist buying more).  I had been wanting to try a red lipstick but was a little afraid to take the plunge.  However, these lip butters are colorful but for some reason less threatening (maybe translucent but still good color, especially if you put more than one layer on) to me so I have decided I like the color on the right (Cherry Tart) for my red.  I know it isn't as bright as some, but it is the perfect "red" for me.  The other color on the right is Berrie Smoothie, and it is just a nice pink color.  I have a more hot pink shade at home that is fun for a pop of color (can't remember the name).  *This was a horribly written paragraph - I apologize.  Not a lot of time on my break to fix it up!

This is a horribly awkward looking pic of me wearing the cherry tart today :)

Anyway, just wanted to pass on my new beauty favorite (I am by no means a beauty pro, but I know what I like).  So, if you want a good feeling, fairly long lasting lipstick, this is for you!  They are pretty cheap by make-up standards, and I just buy a new one when I get a Revlon coupon in the paper inserts.  Let me know if you have tried them and liked them!


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