Conversation #162: My new favorite summer treat

*This is not a sponsored post - I don't do those on this 'lil 'ol blog (how many apostrophes can I use in a row?!)  I just like to share things that I like.

I meant to take a picture before I finished most of it, but I just couldn't wait because it was that tasty.  Oh, right, I need to tell you what "it" is!  I tried the new Burger King frozen strawberry lemonade today and it was soooooooo tasty.  I love icee/slush type things and lemonade so it is the perfect mix for me.  The last couple of years I have been addicted to coke icees, but I thought I would try this out.  The small is only 3 WW points plus so it is definitely a little treat to enjoy every now and then.  Honestly, I tried the McDonald's version a couple of months ago and was underwhelmed.  The BK version, in my humble opinion, is quite a bit tastier.  Anyway, if you are looking for a way to stay cool in this crazy heat, try one!

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