Conversation #165: Will we be homeless?

Nah!  This will be short and sweet and after all the dust settles I'll give more updates.  Long story short, we put our house on the market three weeks ago or so, got an offer last weekend (a week ago now) and accepted it.  The inspection is today - trying to just surrender it to God. We found a house,  made an offer, almost signed a contract, then learned it has aluminum wiring (very bad apparently), walked away from house, and don't have one on the horizon.  Old me would be freaked out - new me abiding in the Holy Spirit knows God has a plan.  I would love to not have to move to an apartment temporarily, but if we do, we will.  I really want the sale of our house to go through because we just love the young couple, and selling our first house has been quite emotional for me.  We put a lot into it, and I know they will love it so we are praying that all goes well for the next couple of days.  Anyway, the last few weeks have been crazy busy, but I wanted to pop in to give a little update :)  Keep you posted!


chelsey said...

I hope something great pops up super quickly!!

Holly said...

So good to hear how much peace you have through it! I got your voicemail. Sorry we haven't caught up yet. I am so excited for your house hunt though! Email me links to houses you are seriously considering! I want to see them!