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Conversation #169: HGTV was lying...

They make demo work look like so much fun, but in my opinion, it stinks.  I would much rather be putting back and making pretty than pounding away with a sledge hammer.  It is messy and then you have to accept that there were (we are saying "were" not "are") critters living in your walls.  For example, we found acorn shells and nuts under the old bathtubs - gross.  We majorly bug bombed the whole house. 

Anyway, we are starting to gain some traction with the projects, and we are sleeping at the house now so we have much more time to do things (as well as logging more sleeping hours too!)  So below is sort of a dump of a lot of what we currently have going on.  Our goal this week is to finish up the master bathroom and closet and hopefully get the lighting figured out in the bedroom, too.  Then we will move to the kitchen!

We also finally bough a fridge last night.  I will save you the long version, but I felt like we couldn't give our money away.  We didn't think we were being picky, but we went to 3 Best Buys, 3 Sears Outlets, 1 Sears, 3 Lowes, Fry's electronics, and a local Habit for Humanity ReStore (there is a good chance I am leaving one out); oh, and we did a lot of looking online beforehand.  After a twelve hour shopping marathon yesterday, we returned home and our new fridge will join us on Wednesday.  Only a couple more days of soup and crackers for lunch and dinner!  All we wanted, something middle of the road, white, ice maker no water, and not a huge behemoth (our kitchen isn't huge).  We found exactly what we wanted online but couldn't find anyone that could get it for us in a reasonable time, until finally Best Buy came through - I can't even tell you how excited I am.

Okay, so now for some pictures of the progress:

 Demo of an old hall closet and the old master closet to make a dresser and reading nook in our master bedroom:
 The new nook sheet rocked and textured (just needs paint!)  Oh, and we got the new carpet installed

We wanted to open up the house a little and create an opening between the formal living room (we are calling the library) and our family room.  Here are before and afters of the new opening (clearly still in progress):

 Next are pictures of our bathroom demo; we almost entirely gutted it, ripped out the old doorway and made a bigger case opening.  So far, we have new Sheetrock up, the shower (with TWO shower heads)
installed, and the new sub floor is in place.  I can't wait for it to be done!

Two of the pictures just above (I was having a hard time getting Blogger to place these correctly) are actually from the hall bathroom looking back into the master.  We are gutting the hall bath too.

Here is the new shower (hard to get great pictures because it isn't a super deep room):
 We added a new wall in our bedroom to create a bigger closet and add onto the bathroom space to make it feel airier:

We will be adding a pocket door into that opening with glass in it so the light from the window can still enter our room.

This was our trash pile after the first weekend!

That is all for now.  Sorry for the poorly formatted pictures.  I just don't have the energy to fight with blogger right now, but I'll try to just post them more frequently so there is less to post.  Hope you enjoyed a look into my life lately!


Misty said…
Holy moly! That's a lot of demolition! You're right about HGTV making it look fun, but it's definitely not. It's messy and dirty and hard work. But soon you'll be done and it's going to be beautiful!
Holly said…
Wow Jess! That looks like a ton of work and not an ounce of fun. I got your msg. last night. I am working tonight, but I can call you while I drive there (4:45). Not sure if you are off work yet. Tomorrow we have small group at 7, but I can talk before then. Can't wait to catch up with you!!!!
Heather said…
Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)

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