Conversation #172: What I've been wearing lately (or really outfits from the last couple of months)

Don't you just love a really long and descriptive blog title?  Me too!

We are just blowing and going on the house (trying to get most of the big stuff done before my parents come down to stay for Thanksgiving) so I just don't have much time at all to blog.  However, once we hit the lull, be prepared for an abundance of house projects.  That also means hopefully we'll have unpacked and my camera cord will be found so I can quit uploading only phone pictures.  I'm still mostly holding out on house pics for that reason, but here is one teaser of our new granite:
It is called Sienna Bordeaux, and I'm pretty much in love it with it. Oh, and you get a sneak peak of the new cabinets too!  Things are happening, but there was...just...so...much...to...do.  We will finish one day.

So in the meantime, here are some pre-moving outfits, a few at the beginning of the move, and some more from the last week.  I didn't take many outfit pictures over the last 6 weeks because most of my clothes were packed away.  Plus, I was so dang tired everyday, that showering and putting on clothes somewhat appropriate for work was a struggle.

Anyway, here are some ways this ordinary girl has been dressing herself lately.  You can also see my hair growing out through these pictures.  It is a mess and I can't wait to get it trimmed up this Saturday.  I had cut it all off back in April, and now I just want to grow it out.  As I have been changing how I take care of my hair, I have realized I think the curls develop better with more length, but not too long either.  I'll share haircut options tomorrow because I would LOVE your opinion!

 Outfit breakdown:
Top, New York & Company, old
Pants, J.Crew, $42
Leather Sandals, J.Crew, $16
Necklace, JCPenney, older
Outfit breakdown:
Top, New York & Company, bday gift
Jeans, Gap, made skinnier by me, old
Necklace, Christmas gift
Leather sandals, Lands' End Canvas, $35ish I think
Watch, Michele, gift

I think the above and the next few pictures were a day I thought my hair was somewhat behaving.  I added them because you can see how it has grown (and this was a couple months after the initial cut)

Outfit breakdown (weird pose because I wasn't liking my hair this day):
White tee, Lands' End, $6
Pink Jeans/pants (we call them pants so they are work appropriate), JCPenney, $10
Leather sandals, Lands' End Canvas
Necklace, Target, $5
Watch, Michele, gift

Outfit breakdown:
Cardigan, Lands' End, $?
Blouse, Coldwater Creek, $?
Pants, Gap, $12
Sandals, Lands' End Canvas, $35
Necklace, Coldwater Creek, $10
Watch, Michele, Christmas gift

Outfit breakdown:
Top, Banana Republic Outlet, $10
Pants, Talbots, $7
Leather Sandals, Lands' End Canvas, $12
Necklaces, JCPenney and American Eagle Outfitters
Watch, Michele

Outfit breakdown:
Top, Tinely Road via Piperlime, $15
Wool pants, Eddie Bauer, $15
Leather Sandals, J.Crew, $16
Accessories seen above

Outfit break...
I got that new magnetic nail polish from Sally Hansen - I thought it was a fun effect!

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress, The Limited, $80 (a splurge for me, but I had been stalking a dress like this forever)
Leather Boots, Banana Republic via Ross years ago, $40 (I LOVE them)
Accessories seen above

Outfit breakdown:
Top, LL Bean Signature, $12ish
Jeans, Lands End Canvas, $? (probably 20 or less)
Shoes, Toms, Bday gift

Outfit breakdown:
Sweater, Gap, $10ish
Pants, J.Crew, $42
Leather Booties, JCPenney, $25
Purse, Banana Republic
(see how long and unruly my hair is!)

Outfit breakdown
(it was warm today, and I wanted to attempt to wear boots differently):
Jean Jacket, Gap, $20 (8 years ago)
Dress, Lands' End Canvas, $25
Leather Boots, Talbots, $22
Leather belt, American Eagle Outfitters, $?

There ya have it!  A slew of outfits for those of you who care, but I am sure most of you don't :) 

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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Stori Wann said...

I always care about your cute outfits! I can't wait to see more on the house... I LOVE those countertops!