Conversation #177: 7 Quick Takes

So I decided to join in on the fun with Jen and partake in the 7 Quick Takes Friday link-up that a few of my daily reads do, so here it goes (I figure this is an easy way to get me back into blogging):

1. I haven't blogged in so long it took me a few extra seconds to realize how to start a new post.  Sad isn't it?  I blame it on the house. And Thanksgiving.  And a cold.

2. So the house; it is actually coming along.  We can sit on our couch and watch a movie if we want now - isn't that fabulous?  I mean I thought being able to shower and use a toilet in the same room was big time, but now I think movie watching trumps that.  Plus, that has been nice since I have been so sicky this week that the husband and I have pretty much only watched movies every night this week.  It has been a nice and much needed break from the house renos.

3. Thanksgiving - we stayed in town to hang with hubby's family, and my parents also came down.  They are awesome.  Not only did they put together their own bed for sleeping without complaining, my mom totally did all of the dishes while they were here and cleaned my saw-dust filled house.  I miss them.  Glad Christmas is just around the corner!

4. A cold.  I hate being sick.  And, if you ask the hubs, he will tell you I'm the worst sick person and way too dramatic.  Probably true.  I hate being sick.  When I am sick, I try to decide which symptom I hate the most: headache, stuffy nose, sore throat or nausea.  It generally changes which one wins, but I think overall is nausea.  I have lived with migraines so long that I can deal with them, and eventually I succumb to the fact that I won't be breathing through my nose for a while so I just deal and sleep with my mouth open.  That leads to more sore throat, but then hot tea becomes the drink of choice for a while.  Nausea, however, I don't know how to do deal with that.  Also, not a normal symptom for me during a cold, which lead me to think I was pregnant, but I wasn't.  I also give in to it easier.  I hate throwing up so I used to fight it with every fiber in my being, but now I would just rather get it out and move on.  I so hope I'm not plagued with "morning sickness" if I am ever blessed to be pregnant.  I am also sorry if this paragraph got gross.

5. My husband and I are avid sports fans.  I was a bigger fan when we started dating in high school, then he far surpassed me in college, and now we both are pretty involved; although he is still way more into sports than me.  I do however listen to local sports radio everyday...but anyway.  We were at our last home football game of our Alma Mater on the Saturday after Thanksgiving when I noticed people asking for autographs.  We started trying to guess who it was, and for a second we though maybe Owen Wilson - would be really random, but his parents live nearby and he and Luke ('cause we are totally on a first name basis) have been known to come around campus in the past.  This first glimpse was why we thought Owen:

OKAY, I was supposed to have pictures here, but Blogger isn't letting me.  Anyone know if something changed?  I was just trying to upload ones from my computer.  It says to sign in to access stored photos, which I don't want to do, but then it won't let me do anything else.  SO FRUSTRATING.  Use your imagination for now.  Sorry!

 It really was Cole Beasley, a former player who is a rookie for the Dallas Cowboys.  Not quite Owen Wilson level of celebrity, but I love Cole Beasely so it was still pretty cool.

6.  I feel like we are missing out on life due to this house.  I said I wouldn't do that, but when you have no where to sit and eat a meal (and I mean the couch not our kitchen table, sadly) you sort of just get sucked into the renos.  I know we are going to try and not miss out on Christmas party stuff, but I already feel like I have missed so much and I'm losing my friends.  That is really sad and probably a bit dramatic, but you do lose friends if you don't put out effort, and I have been too tired to put out effort.  Shame on me.

7. I should attempt to put up Christmas decorations, but it is kind of hard to want to in a partially finished house.  I know that is silly.  I LOVE this time of year, but part of me just thinks, why bother?  No one will see them but me because it isn't like we are hosting anything at our house in the near future.  I am getting sad and mopey so I better wrap this up. I blame it on the clogged sinuses in my head and lovely aunt flo (the reason I know I'm not pregnant nauseous).

Anyway, check out the other quick takers on Jen's blog today!

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