A Conversation about Complainers

Is there something in the atmosphere?  Every time I leave my desk at work, I return to find that little red light taunting me.  You know the one: the new voicemail light.

I’m not sure why, but I have never really loved voicemails.  I usually listen to them on my phone days after I receive them because I would rather just call the person back.  However, it is a different story at work.

Most of you may love that red light.  It might mean a friendly coworker called to chat or maybe your significant other left you a pick-me-up message while you were away at lunch.  On my phone it means that someone doesn’t like something.

I love my job, most days, but the warm weather has brought everyone outdoors to linger.  While they linger, the look, and while they look, they start finding things they don’t like.  Someone is speeding, or parking in front of their house, or their children want to play in the street (so where can we put the cars).  I mean, seriously?  Your kids should NEVER be playing in the street – that is where we put the cars. 

I know this is part of the job, and I don’t really mind.  Honestly, for me the hardest part is telling people “no,” especially when I sympathize with their complaint.  More often than not, traffic “problems” are really just the symptom of a bigger, non-related traffic problem.

Thankfully, once school is out for summer the complaints usually drop off a bit so here’s to counting down to the last day!

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