A DIY Conversation

I have been gone so long!  I hate that too.  I really thought once I updated computers I would be able to blog more often.  However, life has been happening and that definitely comes first.  I’m trying to knock off a lot of items on my ever-growing “to do” list.

One of those things was recovering an ottoman we bought at Target with some gift cards back when we got married (5 years ago!)  It was a faux leather, lightly colored, and just didn’t wear very well.  Here is a before picture:


I purchased some fabric quite a while ago while Joann Fabrics was having a 50% off sale on their red tag fabrics (kind of the clearance).  I always look for fabric there first to see if they have anything I like.  They had this heavyweight brushed twill fabric in a khaki color – perfect!  I think I paid $5 for two yards of fabric which was more than enough.  Here are some pictures of the recovering process:




After this I decided I wanted to add a small trim to the ottoman to dress it up just a bit.  I went back to my favorite fabric store and found some trim on clearance for $0.97/yd.  I ended up needing about 2.5 yards.


Here is the mostly finished product:

mostly finished ottoman

I just realized when I was putting this post together that I haven’t taken a final picture, but this will do.  You get the idea!

I would say it was a pretty easy project, but the trim about killed me.  The recovering part was easy, but it took me three nights to finish the trim because I had to do it by hand, and it was hot so my hands got sweaty, and it was just sort of a beating.  I’m glad I added it though because I think it finishes it off nicely.

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Across the Pond said...

I love it!!! I love little DIY projects and I think you did a great job!