Conversation #20: Fall Weddings

So I’m just going to say it.  I sort of don’t love fall or winter weddings.  I NEVER know what to wear.  You need to wear darker, richer colors because of the season, but yet a long sleeved formal dress seams a) weird and b) hard to find.  I know you could do a sleeveless and pair it with a jacket or cardigan.

Right now, I’m leaning towards trying to find a sleeveless jewel tone dress (ruby, deep purple, emerald, or navy) to pair with a dressy cardigan.  I’m really exciting, huh?  However, I haven’t found a ton in my price range.  I mean remember Frugal Fridays?  I’m not a big spender here, and I hate having to buy something I won’t be able to wear that often.

I’m super excited for this wedding.  It is for my husband’s cousin, and I love him and his bride-to-be.  Hubby is in the wedding party so his outfit is pretty easy.  I want to look nice and seasonal, but I need some help.  PLEASE, all of my fashionable readers (which is like all of you), give me some recommendations or ideas on dress ideas!!!!



d.a.r. said...

Wear a coat outside. Who says you can't have bare arms indoors??! Lots of party/cocktail dresses are strapless and sleeveless for the winter!

Preppy 101 said...

If you need the cardi, then wear it. Otherwise, just look for fall colors as you mentioned and don't worry about the sleeve length!! I've seen many girls use the pashmina with their dresses!! I'm sure you can find one of those for a very reasonable price!! xoxo

Jennifer said...

Definitely agree that you could do a pashmina as well. Those are gorgeous! I have like 6 and I have never paid more than $7-8 for one...with the exception of one that Thomas bought me for Valentine's Day. I would try to see what you can find in the department stores, but really I usually do ebay when I don't want to spend much but still get a nice dress. Ebay is my best friend!!!

Ashleigh said...

Oh I have tons of pashminas you could borrow. And I'm going to NYC at the start of August, so if you want me to buy you one, I could do that too. But know my closet is always open! :)